Bringing the Block to the Blockchain Loudemotionz- KitchenCreww [Everything Hip-Hop]

Whats the Word Steemit!

We In here, Loudemotionz- Kitchen Creww Straight out of Roxbory Bean Town Murda Mass. Doing what we do best.

A group of talented young artist from the inner cities of Boston coming together to produce pieces of art.

Kitchen Creww was created in the streets, in the projects. We started as a group of friends that due to our environment had a Fucked up upbringing so like jay z said. We had to learn how to move in a room full of vultures.

LoudEmotionz is the production side. This is where most the beats, videos, and actual production comes from.

We are new to steemit and we are excited to showcase our work as well as to support to steemit community but more specifically the hip-hop and creative arts communities within steemit.

Upvote- Resteem- Comment anything that's Fire

show some love and we will return the favor. We know how it is for new up and coming independent artist, Lets breaks this BREAD.

Here is some of our work to ge it started. Alot More coming your way

Jae Jae Lavoe- Alone In The Streets

Beats: Listen on Dsound

Free The Family: Jae Jae Lavoe & Rico Rothstein

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dope instrumental, and great production quality. That is what I am striving for, but production is a little out of my field. I just focus on the lyrics, and shuffle through the beats I am handed and use the dopeness i find. Welcome to steemit, I am fairly new myself.


Word no doubt, I feel you bro. I am starting to notice there isn't a big hip-hop/ Rap community here on steemit. Thinking maybe we need to get something started with Discord channel and slowly but surely build it up...we can have freestyle contest...beat contest...beat give contest etc...Get with us see if we can come together and brainstorm


Sounds great. There is a little bit of that already on Steemit but not much and def need more specifically geared for hip-hop for sure. Keep me updated if you come up with anything. I am going to start some stuff like that myself in the future after I up my steem experience level a bit.

Just posted a new open mic entry
although this open mic is not really geared towards hip-hop.


Thank you baby girl @simgirl

Welcome to steemit @loudemotionz .its my pleasure to see you here.steemit is a very good community here you will enjoy a of luck for future help and upvotes please follow me.

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