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HOLA…. Hello dear STEEMIANS. I am a new member this is my first post. Enjoy it.
My name is Camila, I was born on October 29 in a hurry in a downtown hospital, where 10 are born and 6 die, so I am lucky to be telling you my story, and when I say lucky it is that I really am, because I was born in one of the most beautiful departments that my beautiful COLOMBIA has; and ...... .. yes ladies and gentlemen in COLOMBIAAAA ..! LOVED LAND CARAJO ...! for those days my mommy gave birth to this baby in Florencia Caquetá. You will ask, from Caquetá ...? Humm, yeah yeah, Florence for those who have the pleasure of visiting it, delight in seeing the bouquet of beautiful women, with wide hip and long hair.


Visitors are surprised to see the sky at sunset a flock of Guacamayas flying freely and without having a television set next playing DISCOVERY CHANEL, because here is born the GREEN GOLD that is called the wealth of the Amazon and its biological Diversity.


In this city, my story began, giving birth to Mrs. Fernanda "LA FLACA" as everybody call her, or better known as Camila's mother. That day my dad tells that the despair overwhelmed him because they did not let him get in, even though my old man was uniformed (BECAUSE MY FATHER IS A POLICEMAN), he did everything possible and they did not let him enter to the birth, but I think that even better because my dad is as brave as a coward when it is about me.
Then I was born ... LAURA CAMILA SOLARTE DIAZ, now, I am 19 years old, a few years but after them long stories, because thanks to that old man who was anxious one day to see me in that Hospital and accompanying him in his hard work as a policeman I have traveled through several cities from the country.


I did my primary studies in Florence, where I still remember the first images of going to school. At the begining i was a little angel but later in the school the teachers did not want to receive me anymore, because I had formed a small group of friends and cousins where We used to get the teachers white hair, I also learned what the first love is, although, I do not remember the little boy name. The friendship value when you have something to eat for the "RECREO" and shared it with all your friends is unique.
When I was 10 or 11 years old we went to live toBogotá because my father was moved to that city, I still remember my first school there, it was called the GREAT KNOWLEDGE, and I ended up there because of my father's friendship with the director, It was a private school and I had arrived when the year had already begun, there I discovered my love for animals and nature since I had the opportunity to interact with different people who had themes related to ecology, care of the environment and animals.
Bogota was very big for what I knew in my first years of life and very cold compared to Florence, so the change was very hard, but the people, friends and family made that city adopt me as one of their daughters, because Bogota is the city of everyone and anyone, where you find from people from the north coast to the south mountains and all in the same locality, wanting to bring their customs for not losing their roots, there is one of the most beautiful moments of my life which was my birthday of 15 springs, my family made me a party, but not any party ... it was the big one party, so that my school friends still remember that great event.


Once again, when i was 16 years old, we moved to Cali city, a wonderful city VE...! Because that's how the vallunos speak with the VEEE ahead, very beautiful land surrounded by beautiful women, wonderful landscapes wherever you go, deliciuos food like the chop, the manjarblanco, and the famous CHOLAO of the stadium. "CALI ES CALI DEMAS ES LOMA "as the Cali people say, I was there very short time but I have very nice memories.
It was for 2015 where I met and moved again for my father´s job, MEDELLIN the city of eternal spring, a delicious climate, beautiful landscapes, a city different from all those I have described above, is the city of the future in Colombia, a city as the paisas say INNOVATIVE in all aspects, there I discovered an unknown facet in my life THE KITCHEN ...! I studied international cooking as a subject to advance the internships of my school The Marie Poussepin, a normalist school embedded in one of the hills of ENVIGADO, there I met the real friends ... "my parceros", many were the happy hours we spent together, we made a party for everything and everything was an excuse to meet in one of the houses of my friends, what a beautiful time I had.


Focused on my desire to know and explore new directions, new goals, one day I decided by my own will to go where my mother was "LA FLACA", we had already been away for a long time and decided to go and live with her to know one of the wonders that GOD had made, the department of the AMAZONAS, the lung of the world. Yes ladies and gentlemen there I arrived. My mother was a manager of an eco-tourist farm and she needed of my support, so in my eagerness to follow that inner self that told me that I still needed things to see I went to live in a remote village beside the Amazon river called MACEDONIA, there I finished my studies from hight school and I got graduated with honors, being one of the best in my class and obtaining good results.
As I knew that my stay in that place would not be long, I took advantage of my time there knowing, learning, exploring that little piece of paradise that we have in our country, so much so that I found there the love of my life who became my guide to continue in searching of happiness as the movie says.


To the Amazon I have to thank for growing in me the infinite interest in animals, for taking care of the nature to leave something to our children, the love for water, the plants, the resources that God has given us and the thought that can we promote the care of our mother nature, we promote the care of our mother nature, who is ultimately the one who has us alive in this world, because what would the human being be without oxygen, without water without animals?

Once I got graduated, I embarked on a long journey to where everything had started, in my beautiful Florence and I am even more anxious to continue learning and learning more every day, but now with the faith that all that I have learned in the different places where I have lived, they have to serve me as a life lessons to transmit them someday to my children, and why not share some of these with this great community STEEMIT, which I knew thanks to @samic and @gekamazon who are my great support.

I hope you liked this my life story a kiss and hug dear STEEMIANS... muahh.

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hello laura welcome to steemit.

Saludos desde Colombia visita mi blog.

I´m so glad as @samic is, that you are here I hope we could grow together. muahh

Welcome Laura.
I'm very glad you attended my invitation. We are in contact.

Please my dear @samic support her as much as you can kisses and hugs

Of course, I am here to support her and also to you.

Welcome , beautiful Steemmate! I love this community!


Welcome to Steemit. Thanks for sharing.

hello welcome to steemit..
i will follow you in your account so i am hoping you followed me back.. thanks..

Welcome to steemit enjoy the platform it’s a great community friendly community in a lot of opportunity to make money!! I post about nightlife entertainment and my personal life! Looking forward to seeing some of your post So I can Upvote them. Follow me and I’ll follow back.. @limelightmg

Welcome :D

😊welcome!follow me, good

Welcome and join in Steemit hope you enjoy it and can work.
Take out all your imagination 😎 😎
Greetings from me @ trizwansyah79 for you and success will come in the future. 👍👍

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