Kris Nelson from Evolve Consciousness & Trivium Method on Steemit, and Impressed!

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Hello fellow Steemers!

My name is Kris Nelson and my passion is for truth and morality, and how consciousness can learn and understand truth and morality more deeply and correctly.  This is what my work mainly focuses on. I am not a crypto-currency aficionado, but I have to say I am impressed and liking what Steemit has to offer as a community-drive and content-based system of valuing and providing wealth to content creators, instead of just the service owners, as Facebook and other companies operate. This is REVOLUTIONARY! Thank you to the founders of Steemit for having the vision to come up with this brilliant idea. Is is wonderful!

But about my work... I have taken a lot of time to think about how learning functions and how thinking functions, reading material on these subjects, and the problems of consciousness that prevent accurate perception, conception, understanding and navigation of reality/existence/truth. 

There are many problems in the world, from the monetary scam, statism authoritarianism, and other connected issues of immoral behavior, that many people have trouble facing honestly. These are the problems I deal with secondarily, through the primary root causal factors of consciousness and belief that lead to these issues existing in the first place. This is what I am dealing with in my work.

If consciousness, belief, truth, morality, the trivium methodology of thinking and learning, language, symbolism and reality, and other connected deep issues interest you, please check out some of the work I have already posted on steemit, @krnel. I will be posting more of my material to help Evolve Consciousness and share what I have discovered as ways to improve consciousness' ability to think and learn more effectively about truth/reality/existence. 

Each person needs to work on themselves and understand how consciousness functions: KNOW THYSELF. This is the key to dealing with all of the secondary manifestations/generations of our human world, like statism, the monetary system and many other things we have created as our current way of living. It all starts with understanding how we fool ourselves and lie to ourselves and choose to believe whatever we want to believe because it's more comfortable and "feels-good" compared to the hard and uncomfortable truth, and most of all, moral truth. We need to keep learning how consciousness functions and overcome the pitfalls of this double-edged sword of power to affect, change and alter the world around us by our actions/behaviors.

Take care! Peace.

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I like this. It's the first I've heard of Trivium, but it makes a lot of sense. To be truly open to new knowledge and experiences, it's helpful to take an honest look at ourselves throughout the process in order to be aware of any preconceived attitudes, judgements, fears or rigid ideas that might hold us back from learning something new. Self-knowledge is also extremely valuable when it comes to understanding the best way to apply what you've learned to your own goals and needs in life, as well as being able to communicate it to others. Knowing your own mind can be challenging, but once you can acheive that shift in consciousness it's a great advantage to have! :)

the trivium method really should be an entire topic/channel/subheading on steemit. there is a distinct lack of reason on social media. how else are we, every one of us to come to the conclusion that: man has no property in man.