I like steemit..

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hello friend steemi, i am very happy to join here, apparently here is very much cryptocurrency news, wow this is very useful for me, well beforehand i want to introduce myself, my name is kong, i come from labeling aceh-indonesia ..

I knew Steemit for a long time from my friend but I ignored it because I was too busy with my own business, many of them were successful in steemit, and I was interested in joining here because there were so many important news about Crypto and I really liked that, and many benefits join here,

Maybe i must learn so much from you are,
Thanks for your read my article.
That is my short story😊

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Welcome to the Steemit Community!

Welcome to steemit family! Good luck! I am sure that you will fully enjoy your journey here:)


welcome to steemit man

Love your smile and I love Bitcoin too.

Bienvenido compañero, tambien empecé hoy! :D

welcome kong21!

like for like, nice to meet you

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Welcome Kong to the great community of Steemit, YESS You are a new Steemian now! I saw your #introduceyourself and its nice to meet you.
Blogging, building and uplifting eachother is what steemit needs and what its all about on this blockchain. The best part is that you could earn money too.💴💸💰
I never blogged before I started but I just do. But always be carefull with all your passwords, Never give those up !!
For safety tips visit https://steemit.com/steem/@verhp11/safety-first-first-aid-kit-for-steemians-who-are-just-beginning-this-great-journey from Our fellow steemy @verhp11. The Steemify App I use is great, it is available in the Appstore and free, go cheque it out. I wish you good luck with steeming and I Will See you around🍀
Your value and input is appreciated!
Good luck with your journey and may you find what you are looking for.
Just remember that all good things come in good time and never giving up is they key to big succes on Steemit.
Let me know if this was helpfull or you need more help.
Greetings from Brittandjosie from the Netherlands

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Welcome, regards!

Hai new steemian welcome to steemit, i'm happy to see you here

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Hello and welcome to Steemit! :)

Also If you are into cryptocurrencies then you are more than welcome to visit my channel, as I have made the commitment to share everything with others.

Let me know if need any help.

Best of luck to you!

Hi hello welcome here😍😍😍

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Continue posting content.
Invest on steem, and give upvotes!
Good day to you.

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Welcome to Steemit kong21. Let me know if you got any questions about Steem or anything related to it! The official FAQ can be found here and has A LOT of information https://steemit.com/faq.html - Also remember, Steemit is just ONE of the sites built that uses Steem the blockchain. We also have DTube - our very own Youtube, DSound for Soundcloud and Steepshot if you prefer Instagram like experience. I'd also like to mention ChainBB - forums, Busy - Steemit with more modern look basically, DMania for memes and Dlive for streaming just like in Twitch! You can also earn Steem by gaming now! Search for Steemgar if that's more your thing. Welcome to the blockchain! :)

Welcome to Steem, @kong21!

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Hi and welcome to steemit. Hope you have a good experience here.

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Welcome to the community @kong21! Here in the platform you can do a lot of things to grow your authorship. Follow your favorite authors to help you learn new things and become a great author as well.

Here are some of helpful posts about blogging from Steemit users:

While it's true that everybody can earn from content creation and curation, the best practice is to not expect anything in return. You won't get tired writing beautiful contents if you love what you do.

Do you find it hard to keep up with the game? Try adding value to your content and let other authors see value in it too. Don't be afraid to express your thoughts and make good contents.

Everyone had their own starting point, yours is just beginning.

See you around!

Hey kong21! If you would like to see what the current trending content and topics on the internet are consider following @coffeebreak and @topicstoday accounts to make your personal feed more fun and informative.

welcome to steemit friend.Want to see more posts on future.Good luck @rdnblogs

Hi, I'm also new. Subscribe to me @fulerit.
I also liked Steemit ) 😊

Welcome to Steemit. Like you i am new here and i'm learning a lot by exploring the community. I wish you all the success!

Mantap that adun lon byk kali dpt upvote

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Welcome to Steem @kong21.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchain works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

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Welcome to Steemint kong21

Glad to see ya make it on here. Hope you enjoy the experience!


Glad to see ya make
It on here. Hope you enjoy
The experience!

                 - wrecktangle27

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Hey Kong21. Welcome to Steemit, nice to have you here. If your interested in learning about blockchain/tech follow my work.

Welcome, hope you enjoy the experience!

Welcome to steemit community and nice to meet u. You r right this is an wonderful platfrom to know many thing.

Selamat datang dan selamat bergabung di steemit bang.... @kong21

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Welcome on Steemit.@kong21..
Hope you enjoy here

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Selamat bergabung. Mari saling upvote, sebelum itu jangan lupa folback ya:)

Welcome to Steem Community

welcome @kong21, happe steemiting. :) hope we can interact with each other here.

Welcome in steemit.enjoy this