Been here since 2016-05-18 but now is a right moment for a proper introduction

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When ive joined STEEM not long after its launch there were here mostly cryptocurrency lovers and mostly from #Bitshares community.

Introduction of myself wasnt needed since i knew most users and most users recognized me in some way.

In crypto-world im going by this nick since 2013 ? Maybe earlier. Im an Hero Member of Bitcointalk, Mod of forum and a blogger @ Financial Underground KIngdom . You could also see me on Reddit, Twitter and loads of other crypto-oriented places.

I was seeing we have here bloggers joining and many people who probably never used bitcoin or other currencies of this type.

It was looking amazing to me but i didnt understand the impact and how many people this already are.

So one day, im coming to Steem.Chat and get a welcome message:

I assume this means - nobody knows me anymore on Steemit which means - STEEM is a success. Went from crypto-community into a really big sea.

To be clear - i dont mean everybody in crypto world knows me, but i went from knowing 90% of users to knowing 9% pretty fast :)

So to entertain both people who dont know kingscrown and those who do..

7 facts about me which will also let you understand what topics i may be posting into and see if we have some common interests!

1 I have been to many places

I hit few countries a year, been into most of EU, parts of Asia (ie Japan, Singapore, Bangkok..) or even Australia. Never been to USA so far. Motivate me!

2 Craft Beer <3

You dont like beer? Well this means you never tasted real one. Craft beers have really different tasted between each other. You can get a beer that tastes grapefruit, pineapple or even.. salt. This is world of new tastes. Try it!

3 I drink few coffees a day

Coffee is one of best things you can try in life - drink wise. Do not go to Starbucks or or add sugar. Get some decent beans and try the real taste and kicks of caffeine. I love mornings when i just sit and sip my perfect coffee. MY fav "daily" is Brasil Yellow Bourbon but i do have stash of Kopi Luwak at home )which actually should be called just Luwak, as Kopi means COffee).

4 Complex movies

While i like stupid movies the top of my list are mostly complex ones. Check those if you never had opportunity (random order) Donnie Darko, Dark City, Stranger Than Fiction, Tideland.

5 TV Shows

Long ago (maybe 15+?) i have noticed TV shows are starting to be better than actual movies. I watch loads of them - mostly in background when im working - so i will just mention current ones: Stranger Things, Ballers, Mr Robot.

6 Hiphop Lover

Im into hiphop since 20 years now, i used to be type of guy who listens to just 1 genre and thinks all others suck. And it took me many many ages to get open for any types of music. Now i can jump between rap/electro/house/rock one by one and feel good. I do love rap still but cant follow whats going on in the genre anymore - there is too much of it.
I still love all old tracks and groups i used to listen Mobb Deep, Gangstarr and such.

7 I make typos and i dont check grammar

I have no problems with grammar or with eyes but when i type i dont like to re-read it. It may sound strange but even tho i sit on computer currently 24/7 i like to still feel the oldschool and do "real life chatting" when you cannot remove words. I also "click" a lot of enters on chat which some people dont like.

Hope you enjoyed this and consider following @kingscrown mostly for cryptocurrency news but also incoming coffee, beer and film posts!


if it wasnt for kingscrown i woudlnt be here - vote the guy up with me :)

this is why you paid me initial money :)
totally not why you didnt trust exchanges after mtgox stole from you ;)

Good to finally read your intro post bro!

thanx man, took some time!

Welcome. I think you'll have a great success with this post and it's strange (= #NoTits introduceyouself ?)., I presume

Once again, welcome. Grab some $$$ (I only have 0.2$). We need to clear the cryptocurrency waters. I'm a noob here and I feel I'm not alone. :))

no tits but worked not that bad, and still some hours to go :)

Welcome, although I'm the one that's new here. Cheers and STEEM ON!

then im glad one of first posts u ever read is actually mine :)

Welcome to Steemit kingscrown! I'm amused by how unapologetic you are when it comes to grammar. :-) But please do consider your audience; you are not just writing for yourself. In particular your use of lowercase i throughout your post is driving me crazy. Call me old-fashioned but I like to see the English language used properly. Please always capitalize the word I!

Enjoy your stay!

Ciao! Ciao!

Only a few coffees per day? Come on bro, you need to step up your game. get it up to at least half a dozen :) Welcome, I'm going to investigate the fuk blog.

haha 3 is enough or my heart may explode ;)

Great post!

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