Introducing: Kid B, my friend and another cult-breaker and survivor of Masonic ritual abuse

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The location at which Kid B's abuse took place.

I'd like to introduce Kid B

She is another survivor of ritual abuse. She escaped abuse in the UK perpetrated by her family; ritual abuse at Freemason ceremonies; and child prostitution. I met Kid B in the country I fled to from the UK. As I got to know her better, it emerged that she had experienced ritual sexual abuse in the UK. Her experiences overlapped in ways with my own memories of abuse years before in the same country.

Kid B's story has many parallels to mine, but took place years later, and in different locations in London. In the forthcoming weeks, together with Kid B, we are both going to name locations, the ritualistic systems, and the methods used by these groups so that other survivors can piece together their own histories. We will blog together under the Kid A and B pseudonyms, both under the Kid A account. Once this process is completed, we will then consider going public with our names. This abuse is epidemic and continues globally.

After the next paragraph, Kid B will speak for herself, but first:

Here's some context

In previous posts, I have demonstrated the links between organized pedophile groups, British schools, the British Broadcasting Corporation, the police and the British Government. Those who would dismiss this as conspiracy should refer to the documentary evidence that British Prime Ministers are now known to have raped and murdered children, participated in the cover up of child-rape in their government, and colluded with their state broadcaster, the BBC, in their rape and abuse of children. It was in this social context that British institutions subjected us both to ritual abuse. Because there has been no real effort made to expose these crimes, the UK continues to terrorize children with rape and violence, while concealing the scale of this problem.

Now Kid B, one of the strongest, most awake people I know, will introduce herself:

Kid B's experiences

"I was subjected to ritual abuse at the Masonic Lodge (sometimes referred to by different names, such as Glenmore House) located at 6 The Crescent, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 4BN, UK. For example, on one occasion there was an oriental themed evening. Where me and other young children were dressed in belly dancing costumes. We were made to dance in front of the men there.

I was subjected to violent rapes at this same location.

The lodge is situated here, immediately next to St Andrew and St Mark's C of E Junior School and Maple Infants School:

Source: Openstreetmap

Source: Apple Maps

The participants appeared to be members of the Freemason society. We had to dance on the tables. There was money tucked into our costumes. At the same location, on a separate occasion, I remember being hung by my foot and spun. There was a low, large, paddling pool filled with water below me. I was then dropped into the water and my head was dropped forcefully on the floor.

As I continue to process the emotions connected with these experiences, I will write more about the extremely violent rapes I experienced at the same location in Surbiton, England.

Here is the location of the property at which I was, with other children, abused:



Can you help us?

Me and Kid B now have to ask for help from Steemit. Many of the conditioning rituals she was subjected to have parallels with my own experiences. Specifically when I was ritually abused over many days in a camp in England as a child. Kid B's spinning experience was a similar technique that was used by my abusers to compartmentalize my own psyche, which I have described in detail here. If you can support us, please do. We need to be listened to and heard. The more you can help us communicate and spread awareness of this information, the more we can change the state of this world, and the safer we will feel to speak out and support others on the same journey.

Sending love.

Kid A and Kid B.

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Thanks for sharing your stories. I'm sure it's terribly difficult to rehash everything that happened and find photos and maps of where the abuse took place. I hope that you both have had access to counseling or will consider seeking if out if you haven't. I also hope that your stories inspire others to come forward with their own stories and understand that no one should feel ashamed of having being victimized. Much love, my heart goes out to you both.


Thank you, @sc0ut
We both have access to support, although it is a difficult process, it is what the kid in me wants to do: To speak out and be free.
Thank you for reading, and for your kindness.

Highly rEsteemed.

Thank you for your continued courage Bruv. I hope you set Kid B up with a SteemIt account?


Thank you @frankbacon

I will help Kid B with everything she needs to continue speaking out.


Thank you for your support @krisstofer
Your post made me cry. I think the kid inside me needs to be heard. Thank you for hearing me.


Cool man! We need more of sharing Kid A stories.

Great to some more of people like Kid A & B here. No better way of spreading the truth then talking openly and loudly you can, especially about subjects you talk about.

You have my infinite support. I resteemed this post and always will resteem your posts. I will also contact few people here on Steemit that can give you support so you voice can be heard far away!



Thank you, @cmoljoe

I feel you're right. The solution is to bring more light into this world by speaking out. Thank you for supporting us.


No problem at all! I will do what I can for you...

For start I contacted someone I think will help to spread word about you to few people. I think you might be interested in reading @familyprotection post. Their main target is CPS. But I'm sure they will give support to you both because CPS kidnapping children is correlated to pedophile rings. Pretty sure that someone will tell them about you, but also you can contact @familyprotection and explain everything.

Did you hear about Discord? It's sort of chat room. Pretty sure @familyprotection has it's own channel there. It's easier to communicate there then thru comments on Steemit. I will try to find link to that and will post it here once I find it...


@kida Delete one tag and add tag familyprotection

(I recommend you using this tag all the time)


Done. Thank you for all your help, @cmoljoe.

I'll follow up the other leads too.

Kid is our next future generation. Every body love kids. We also love this. And it's a nice post.

Upvoted and resteemed. The best of luck in your endeavours.


Thank you, @lenskonig

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My friend had 2 daughters who suffered satanic ritual abuse at the hands of their father in Connecticut, USA in the 90s. I did some art about it you can check out at the bottom of the 2016 page... i listened to Jay Parker talk about it on the podcast series - #17 was the first time he spoke - now he has his own site... I wrote a post about the Hampstead Cover-up and then this lunatic spun it and ripped me a new asshole when I posted it on my wordpress blog There is a conference in the US for Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors - not sure if its any good - I personally grew up in an alcoholic family so I had a bit of traumatic abuse - nothing like you but I suffer from some of the reprocussions of that. Blessings to you...also i did learn that the council of 13 does a ritual baby slaughter at the Navarre Hotel here in Denver on the Summer and Winter equinox - no one has 'verified" that but I am sure it is true.