Chef, Healer, Activist, Anarchist: Living on the road, dumpster-diving, feeding thousands of people, hanging out with my heroes, and the beauty of surrendering to the flow

Hello Steemit!

Me With a Sign!

It is so wonderful to be here, and to live in a world where things like this exist. The idea of content creators being able to share their work, and generate actual value, outside of just the appreciation of the people who enjoy it, on an instantaneous, global scale is absolutely beautiful. I just put up my [first post] yesterday, and was politely informed that an introducemyself is important if I want people to support me, so here we go :-)

I want to start off with a tl;dr about me, then I'll go into a full introduction. My name's Kenny Palurintano, I'm 28, I live a solutions-oriented life, focused on self-healing, and service to others. When I started "waking up" to the world, the thing that resonated with me the most was the idea of "Be the change you want to see in the world". I have been traveling since last June, cooking healing plant-based food for various communities, festivals, gatherings, conferences, and world-changers across Turtle Island. I also practice body & energy healing, event organizing, music promotion, writing, videography, et al. My website is, and you can reach me at

The Beard

For the first years of my life, I was always extremely free-spirited and unwilling to accept authority or do what others told me, especially without a good explanation, I couldn't stand people "faking it" to sound smart, or acting like things would be over the head of a child. This got me into a lot of trouble, being suspended from a lot of schools, kicked out of camps, etc. Sometime in my sophomore year of high school, I decided to stop fighting, and take the "easy path" of going along with the herd. I started thinking about college, the military, careers, and only breaking the rules in subtler ways that wouldn't get me in trouble, namely smoking weed and drinking lots of cheap beer bought by friends' older siblings. This was the beginning of an almost decade-long struggle with depression, suicide, drug & alcohol abuse, drug dealing, explosive relationships, over-working myself at one job after another, and other self-destructive habits. I'll go into more detail on this some other time, so let's move on.

(Photo Source)

In late 2011, I was introduced for the first time to Psilocybe Azurescens, one of the most potent psychadelic mushrooms on the planet. When I first got my on these fungi (about 1/4 pound at first), I had no idea that they were so potent, and had only had experiences with cubensis, always involving at least an eighth to get the desired result. Assuming that these new, tiny mushrooms would still require many grams to do their thing, I started my day with about an eighth, and continued to eat them like chips for the rest of the day. By the evening, my world was completely melting, and after a failed attempt at leaving to cross town, I settled into my friend's couch for the night. As we sat and talked, I had the realization that I had no personal sense of self; I was nothing but a faceless mind with masks I stepped into as needed for the situation (Kenny with my "cool" coworkers, Kenny with my "not-cool" coworkers, Kenny with my boss, Kenny with my mom, Kenny with my dad, etc.) This blew my mind at the time, and after a month of eating azurescens every day, I had the most insane, difficult year of my life, successfully breaking me out of the relative comfort of the world I had created for myself.

Fast forward to December of 2012; I'd been working for a few months at a beverage distributor (where I first discovered kombucha), gotten my medical marijuana card, and was really just enjoying the ride. I had given up drinking, as well as cocaine, and was obviously much more psychologically stable for it. Right as I settled into this new, less destructive, comfort zone, I met an amazing woman at the dispensary on my way home from work. After talking many times and knowing her love of kombucha, one day I gave her my card and offered to get her wholesale deals on cases. Before I left, she came over and gave me her number on a post-it note. I called her when she got off work, and we spent the next three nights up late having amazing conversation and falling asleep in each others' arms (fully clothed). She asked me tons of questions about myself, referred to things I hated about myself as "coping mechanisms" from childhood, and first planted the seed of the importance of healthy living (introducing me to GMOs in the process). On the 4th day (December 21, 2012), we made love for the first time, and launched headlong into the most intense relationship of my life. Over the next 6 months, we started a medicated food company with her brother, making barbecue sauce, honey, and fudge for dispensaries around town.


A couple months into this business venture, I was running our table at a grower & manufacturer , giving away samples of some pulled pork & beef jerky I made using the BBQ sauce. The owners of the dispensary, The World Famous Cannabis Cafe, asked me to come cater for a live comedy show that Friday, featuring the Weediculous Comedy Tour (which never finished, tour or documentary). That night, 2 amazing things happened: first, I realized that cooking for a group of people was the highest high I had ever felt. Then, I did my first interview for a documentary (thought it will never be seen).

Over the next couple of months, I lost interest with the business venture (our relationship had ended, and her brother had moved back to the east coast) and began to pay a lot more attention to the world, realizing that so many of the problems I thought were in me, were actually in the system I had been playing along with. I burnt copies of Zeitgeist to give to people at the dispensaries, spent hours researching a number of topics from Operations Paperclip & Northwoods to the Federal Reserve and the CFR, listening to a LOT of Stephan Molyneux, Jordan Maxwell, and Peter Joseph. This research peaked at the end of October, with my creating a FB page called "Americans for an American Rebirth" (Long since delete), getting 2500 likes, and quickly having the algorithms change on me. Just a couple of days later, I went to my first protest, the 2013 Million Mask March in Portland, Oregon. You can see me masked up in this video, the horses almost bowled me over as they charged right into the top of the screen.

Just days after the event, I met up with about a dozen other people from the march to start organizing events. The first thing that felt very important to me was "If we're out there holding signs and chanting about something and nobody sees us, then we're basically just masturbating together. If we're out there making a positive change in the world and nobody sees us, we still made a positive change in the world. When somebody sees our signs or talks to us, that's just a bonus." We left the meeting with a plan to organize homeless outreach events, where we would provide food & clothing to people living on the streets (2000+ a night in PDX 2013), partnering with RIght 2 Dream Too, as well as spreading as much knowledge as possible. Here's a playlist from that winter, we put on 6 events over the course of 4 months, each one getting a little bigger than the last :-)

February of 2014, some friends of mine (Joey & Sabine of Disenchanter) introduced me to the single thing that has changed my life more than ANYTHING else: the Teachings of Abraham, specifically The Law of Attraction: That which is like unto itself is drawn. If you focus on a thought, you'll start to think more like it, as you focus on them more, you'll start to see physical affirmations of those thoughts, and so on. I had been very skeptical as Joey pulled out a VHS tape and gave me a brief description of what I was about to see: someone "channeling", a term I was very familiar with from Dungeons & Dragons, but had never heard applied to the 3-D physical world. 45 minutes later, I didn't care how the message was coming through, because it resonated so deeply.

My goal in life became clear, focus on the positive, focus on what I want to see, focus on who I want to be... and most importantly, focus on all these things as though they already are. I began making flash cards, watching a Ralph Smart video every day, and most importantly deleting all the music I had that contained lyrics I wouldn't want to be repeating to myself. Within weeks I was living a completely different life, the colors were brighter, the food tasted better, my body felt better. I felt like the most important type of activism I could do outside of bettering myself was to spread knowledge & empowerment. It seemed like the best option would be to get a job so I would have the cash flow to give away CDs, DVDs & literature on a large (for a 1-person operation) scale. I had already decided I would only support things physically & financially that I supported morally & energetically and almost as soon as I opened to the idea of a job again, I got hired at Bob's Red Mill, an employee-owned, non-GMO whole grain manufacturer (the largest in the US). Shortly after getting the job, I learned that my friends who had organized the 2013 Million Mask March would not be working on the 2014, and were hoping I would take the reins. I agreed to organize the event, and very quickly a grand vision started forming in my mind, and so began the busiest 5 months of my life (to that point). In the end, the event had around 700 people, there was live music after, everyone was fed free, organic food, and I gave away 500 "goodie bags".


Each Bag Contained:

All in all, the event cost me about $4000 out-of-pocket and took hundreds, if not thousands of hours of my time (organizing, canvassing, burning 1500 discs (both sides, I had created Lightscribe labels for both CDs and the DVD), cooking, doing interviews, and then being on the ground for 12 hours that day. It felt like a great closing to the year-long chapter of my life where I considered myself an activist in the way that the average person uses the word. Just 2 weeks after the march, I published my first essay online, and days later did an interview about it.

In February of 2015, I made my way down to Acapulco Mexico for the first Anarchapulco conference, for the first time in my life being surrounded by others who understood that nobody has authority over anyone else. I connected with so many amazing people, including Rob Hustle, Kurt (@churdtzu) and Aaron (@battleayzee) of The Paradise Paradox, Lauren Rumpler, and Orion Martin of the Sidekik App.


When I got back home to Oregon, everything was different; I no longer felt like working a job was worth so much of my time. It was nice to have the money to spend on things, but I found myself feeling that having more time to put into my projects would be much more valuable. I also realized that while I had changed a LOT about myself, and had laid out very clear intentions about who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do, it was going to be necessary to break out of the physical & energetic bonds of the place I had lived for a decade in order for these changes to manifest. Over the previous year, I had been hearing a lot about the Rainbow Gathering, and so I decided to quit my job and start walking the land, with Rainbow as the launching point for this new chapter of life.

IS 2015

For those of you who don't know anything about the Rainbow Gathering, it is a completely anarcho-mutualist city (up to 80,000 people) that forms in the woods for ~2 months every summer since 1972. All decision making is consensus-based, there is no fiat currency allowed in the gathering, it has it's own non-violent security program called Shanti Sena, it's all centered around the kitchens, and it always takes place in National Forests (NEVER asking permission from the state). Basically, the gathering is based on 3 principles:

  • Give what you can, take what you need
  • You can do whatever you want as long as you aren't hurting anyone
  • Everyone there is your family

My first day at the gathering I connected with "Instant Soup", a 24-hour vegan kitchen, and spent almost 3 weeks cooking most of my waking hours. Pumping out 5+ meals a day myself, feeding hundreds of people at a time, and the beautiful way that the kitchen flows at Rainbow was a mind-blowing experience. All I ever had to do was yell "I need a pot washed" or "I need someone to cut vegetables", and without fail, I would get enough volunteers that I had to spend the next few minutes finding work for all of them. The amount of personal growth I experienced in those weeks was absolutely amazing, really stepping into my own as a chef, a healer, and an outgoing person (which I definitely was not for most of my life).

Red Rocks

After a couple weeks of resting and just hanging out with some of the beautiful people I had met at Rainbow, I made my way to Denver, Colorado. Just a couple days after arriving, I went to a day-long mini-fest at the Liberty Lodge, before and after the String Cheese Incident show at Red Rocks. When I got to the party, I was wearing my Anarchapulco shirt, and in my first few minutes there, that shirt got me into a beautiful conversation about the key principles of Anarchy, drew the attention of Bruce (who had named the event in a FB contest Jeff Berwick put on, and is a key player in the Colorado Tribe), and started a conversation with Alais Clay (the reason I had decided to go to Denver to begin with). She mentioned wanting to go to the conference, and asked when it was; I told her the 2015 edition had already happened, and she expressed an interest in attending next year. I asked if she wanted to perform at the event in 2016, she said yes, and I declared "I will make that happen".


Over the next week, I attended my first StarTribe Alliance event, and connected with them to help create the "New Earth Vision Portal" at the upcoming ARISE Festival. This was my first music festival, and while I skipped most of the music & festival part of it, holding space in the Portal was one of the biggest level-ups I've ever experienced. Over the course of the next 2 months, I was part of the New Earth Vision Portal at the Tribal Vision Festival, attended the Colorado Regional Rainbow Gathering, and cooked a ton of delicious vegan food at the Black Hills Unity Concert.

I spent the fall back in Oregon, catching up with friends, visiting family, doing a lot of writing, taking kundalini yoga classes, and laying out my goals for the next year. During this time I did my first interview on the Paradise Paradox:

I spent the winter solstice in Northern Montana, taking part in a 24-hour meditation, and cooking an 8-course meal for a friend's family, my first paid chef job of my new life. From there I darted down the west coast, hitch-hiking and couchsurfing my way to San Diego, where I met up with some friends to make our way to Guatemala. I crossed the border with $20 in my pocket, and a whole lot of trust in the flow. We spent a short while at the Guatemala Rainbow Gathering (right on the beautiful beaches of the Pacific ocean), then headed inland to the amazing Lake Atitlan.
The Lake

From there, I headed back up to Acapulco, this year spending a month so I would have a chance to connect with the anarchist community there. I got to spend weeks with some of the most amazing people I've ever met (@juansgalt let me stay with him when I got to town), cooking them food, having amazing conversations, and connecting on a deep level. I got to do my second interview on @paradise-paradox while I was there, and I built my website, where I've since been sharing my recipes, research, and more. I had reached out to Dayna Martin before heading south about the possibility of figuring out a trade in order to take her Peaceful Parenting workshop, and it just so turned out that she wanted some vegan treats made for after her presentation during the main conference. (SO perfect!)
Not only did I get to attend the workshop (amazing), but I got to hang out with the beautiful Martin family for a day before that. Dayna & Joe are amazing people, and such a shining example of the kind of parenting that is helping shift the paradigm. I spent much of the conference itself cooking, serving, and delivering food, setting up & breaking down sound equipment, and hanging out with all the beautiful people who make an event like that come together. I'm so grateful, and feel so blessed to be able to share space & time with these super-heroes. Speaking of super-heroes, did I mention I focalized getting Alais flown down (thanks Bob!), and she headlined the concert on Friday night (as well as performing a short set at an after-party on the hill)

Me & Alais

Anarchapulco 2016, and my time in Acapulco around it, was a MASSIVE level-up for me, and I've been going through a lot of healing, re-evaluating, and asking for guidance and clarity. A lot has happened since then, but I'm going to skip ahead to now since this is already a short novella (and it allows me to make individual posts about some of those events ).

One of those events

I just got active on #Steemit yesterday, and after my very first post, "Feeding the Masses... For Free", and the interaction with people that ensued, I immediately called my good friends @alchemage & @thealchemista and recommended to both of them checking out the site, reading Kurt's article that had piqued my interest, and getting some content up. I woke up today to both of them having created their accounts and posted multiple things :-)

from the front of the Jackalope site

I'm just a few days from heading to the Jackalope Freedom Festival, spend some time in Oregon with family, back to Denver for some events I'm helping organize with We Are Change Colorado, and then... who knows? :-) I'm currently carrying around a stack of mix CDs and a whole bunch of 8gb USB flash drives filled with conscious music (64 albums and a folder of random songs), an e-book & audiobook of FREEDOM!, the documentary THRIVE, and a ton of links; if you run into me somewhere, be sure to ask for some media :-)

Thank you all for reading this, and being a part of this beautiful thing. I want to send a ton of love, gratitude, and light to all the people who have played roles in my life, however big or small, joyous or challenging. Without all of you, I wouldn't be who am I now.

Peace, Love, and Anarchy!

Kenny Palurintano


#solutionsoriented #thankful #vegan #anarchy #actasif #bethechange

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Thank you! So glad to be here :-)


I went to a national gathering outside of Cuba in New Mexico one year. I helped with seed camp the week before the gathering by bringing twine for structures and offering what other assistance I could as I went from camp to camp, mainly to familiarize myself with the trails and the layout. I left at the beginning of July. A truly memorable experience.


It is such an amazing experience. I think everybody should experience it at least once, just to see that kind of world is possible right now


Yes. That kind of world is possible now.


Does that make sense?


I should say, I left by the first, prior to when the majority of people first began arriving.


Gotcha. There is a TON of great energy & people around before the official gathering start-time, the people who literally build the foundations of the gathering :-)

I'm so glad you're posting on here, and I expect that you're going to get a lot of monetary units to enable you to continue your adventures and your life-brightening projects. I've said before that you're the most anarchist person I know, and it hasn't become any less true. It seems that you won't let anything bind you, except your own commitment and passion. I've got so much respect for you dude. Lots of love.


Thanks brother! I look forward to seeing what will come of it, and bringing friends into the fold as well to help all of us get our content to more people, generate some income, and be a part of showing people new possibilities they had no idea of. The idea of getting the flow coming in to actualize all of these ideas I have in my head, computer, journal, etc is VERY exciting :-)

That means a lot to me brother, thank you. Love you!

Hopefully you can forgive all the bots cluttering up your page. I love your care free spirit and your passion for change in the world. You already are way ahead of the game by taking "Be the change you want to see in the world" to heart. Some don't realize that they are the ones to blame and instead of complaining about why they are making no money, they could be helping someone. Regardless of monetary reward, I will try my best to fight for a community that creates a positive impact on the world. We need a diverse group of people that can join toward that common goal and work out any differences in opinion in a respectful way. Hope you enjoy your time here and feel free to reach out to people for clarity on certain things or just spend a little time commenting on your favorite posts. It will pay dividends in the long run, and those who truly believe in what steemit have to offer are going to help you to be successful, because it helps everyone out. Great pictures! especially the sunset. Just an fyi though id tame down the in post tags an use the best 5 you can find so there is no chance for flagging for tag spam


Thanks so much for your input, I'll tone down the tags now.


I'd hate to see a new user get flagged for something they didn't even realize, but it's more to prevent spammers than quality interesting posts like this.

Pretty sure that beard alone is worth $2,000


Haha, thank you! I agree, want to help me find the upvotes to get there? :-P

Great introduction, you give off a really great vibe and I look forward to seeing your future post. That image from one of the festivals lookes really intriguing, makes me wanna attend a psy-festival again like right now ^^


Thanks :-) I feel like spreading good vibes, inspiring stories, and healthy delicious recipes are the best things I can do online.

You are an inspiring person Kenny. I am really glad to have you on steemit :)


Thank you! I really appreciate that; it's getting easier to accept comments like that, still feels a little uncomfortable a lot of the time haha.

Have a beautiful day!

We need more rainbow folk around here.


I agree, and I'm bringing quite a few of them with me :-) @alchemage is actually the person who first introduced me to what the Rainbow is


May Eris bless your chaotic symphony with every unfolding of every potential!


Thank you brother! Let's make some moves :-)

Welcome to steemit mate, we serve fresh whale, minnow plakton and dolphin flesh here . jk .
Nice to have you around .


Haha, sounds delightful. I'm excited to be here :-)


Dont be a follower be a leader .
Be creative , here we have so much competions going on dont lose hope so quick ;) .


I'm feeling great! Competition is great to keep the best stuff flowing in all the time.

Wow you have an incredible story. Welcome and so good to have you!


Thank you, so glad to be here :-)



Thank you!

Welcome to Steemit! Amazing story thank you for sharing!


Thank you! It's most certainly my pleasure :-)

Awesome! I never met anyone else who likes both Ralph Smart and Stefan Molyneux. I think the New Age view and Ancap views are both a breath of fresh air.

I think you will enjoy this post


I am a rare breed :-) I think the key is finding the little bits of truth from as many ideas/systems as possible and combining them together to start to get to the whole picture.

I'll check it out


Awesome, I'm starting a lesson series on antifragility, which will hopefully be a mathematically backed argument for stoic philosophy and explanation for how humanity got to where it is today. This is the first post of the series:

Hope you will like it!


lol I was thinking the same thing! Both Ralph Smart and Stefan Molyneux had a huge impact on my thinking. It's cool to see others who get it. :)


Have you read Nassim Taleb's stuff on antifragility? He basically backs up concepts from all these different types of philosophy through a statistical perspective. I'm starting a lesson series on antifragility, which will hopefully be a mathematically backed argument for stoic philosophy and explanation for how humanity got to where it is today. This is the first post of the series:


Welcome aboard! Hope you make lots of experiences and connections here man.


Thank you! I'm sure I will, I already see a lot of aligned folks popping up in the discussion of just the 2 posts I've made.

Welcome @kennyskitchen:-) &&introduceyourself

Still need to go through and read your whole post but I really love what I've seen on the surface and skimming through. (Your hashtags are bad ass too) I am looking forward to seeing your future posts! :-)


Thanks! I'm looking forward to posting lots in the future :-)

Vegan Anarchy and Peaceful Parenting! I'd give you three thumbs up if I could!


Hahaha thank you!

Love you Kenny! Hope to see you soon!

Fascinating story. My life is a bit more... boring :D
25 and haven't done much with my life. Just finished school. Major on Civil Engineering but I actually hate the field. Lived in 1 place whole my life. Here I am figuring out life.

wow we are quite alike sir! i love everything you are about :D


Wonderful :-) I look forward to reading your posts, I already followed you.

Welcome @kennyskitchen:-) &&introduceyourself


Thanks! SO happy to be here