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Hi Steemit Family. I am sorry, actually I haven't introduce myself properly in previous posts. So this post is totally about my Story, You can also Say STRUGGLE Story.

So, As Some of you know about me My name is JOSHI BHAVYA, I live in a Small town in Gujarat, India (A Country with Many Traditions). Basically ,I belong to a Middle Class Family but Since Childhood my dream was to join the Armed Forces (Specially in Indian Air Force).


I can say that My Childhood was really full of Great memories with good Struggle because We don't have enough Money to enjoy luxuries Life but still My Parent Gave me every Happiness (At that time we were living in 1BKH Home). So after my 12th Standard I, promise to myself that Whatever happens in life I will never give up and will give my best and complete my and mine parent dreams.


After 12th standard I decided to become an Engineer because I have good interest in Electronics and Technology but after 2 years This field is highly Saturated but to join the ARMED Forces I need a Degree and the real Struggle starts after Engineering.


In the last year of Engineering I have already decided that I want to join Indian Armed Forced to become a Class-1 Officer and because of that I haven't applied for any MNC's and haven't attended any Recruitment Drive (That was a mistake).

In India if you want to Join Armed Forced you have 2 option

1. Permanent Commision (Permanent job till 58 Years)

2. Short service Commision (Max. 14 Year of Job)

I started Preparing for CDS (Combined Defence Services) and AFCAT (Airforce Common Admission Test). Basically These 2 exam is a Gateway to Enter in Armed Forces as an Officer. But the Path wan't easy for me and time was running like Sand.

After the exam I need to Crack SSB Interview (It's a 5 day long procedure and contains Screein test, Psychological test and Some Group Task - Not easy for me).

Somehow in 2nd attempt I crack AFCAT Exam but I wasn't recommended in SSB.

But I haven't Give up and tried more than 15 times in NAVY, ARMY and Airforce but I was 5 times Conference out and 10 Times Screen out (People who know about SSB can relate to this situation). Here are some pics from Different SSB which I have attempted in Bhopal, Coimbatore, Bangalore and Delhi.


No.:- 2 is me 



I was very depressed at that time and after 3 years I wasn't Eligible to JOIN ARMED FORCES due to Age limit Criteria. My Dream was Over. After that I introspect myself and feel that I don't have some OLQ's (Officer like Quality).

But it says that "The show must Go on". After this I worked in an Oil refinery as an Instrumentation Engineer but I feel Guilty to live 9 to 5 Slave Life and decided to start on my own. At the same time I came to know about Blogging and started doing Research on it. During that time I was doing 10 hr of job and 3 hrs of Blogging in night and after reaching at a certain point I left my Job and become full time Internet Marketer. Till date I am learning New things everyday because Internet is full of Surprises and Opportunities (Like this platform where we can build a great community).


I have started STEEMIT in Feb-2018 and learn how to build Good Content from Steemit Family members. The main reason behind joining steem is

  • It's a great platform to learn and build a great community
  • A Good place where all can appreciate eachothers work
  • Even we can earn good money by sharing our Knowledge.

So, I hope you all get to know about me. I will always try to provide good content in Future and like to connect with all of you.




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welcome to steemit!

@brothermic Thnx mate. Feeling Glad to connect with you.

motive of life without struggle no one can learn

Totally agree @maninder323. Success Without struggle is not sweet.

I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return!

Please also take a moment to read this post regarding bad behavior on Steemit.

Sure mate.

touching one

Thnx mate

Welcome to Steem, @josh92!

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great story about urself i also in struggle stage in sha allah i will have amount by which i full fill my needs and family as well

Definetly Bro. There is only one rule of Life to be successful -> NEVER GIVE UP. It's difficult to wait but more difficult to regret. So keep doing in right direction.

Welcome to steemit Friend.
Really touching story.

Thnx bro. Keep in touch

Hola: @josh92
Bienvenido a steemit, gran platoforma de negocio, te preparamos para hacer tu negocio de la forma mas rápida y eficaz. Steem schools.
hello: @josh92
Welcome to steemit, a great business platform, we prepare you to do your business in the fastest and most effective way. Steem schools.

Welcome brother

Thnx mate.

Welcome to steemit Josh. This is quite an intro and a proof that you are a man who goes all out for what he wants and does not give up until it is over. i hope you actualize your dreams on steem it

Thank you @annelle

Welcome to steemit Josh. This is quite an intro and a proof that you are a man who goes all out for what he wants and does not give up until it is over. i hope you actualize your dreams on steem it

Welcomeee to steemit.

Thank you @allinone7

Welcome to the family bro. I also have a same kind of story but i quit engineering after 1st sem. I thought engg is not for me . So from that time just mainly focusing on business. What's your next plans bro @josh92 ?

Very well written article! You have a talent, develop it. I follow you, I'm always glad to make new acquaintances, I hope you will follow me.

Good bro I support you if you support me