This Homeless Boy from Hawaii will Inspire you.

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Introduction to Time Well Spent

As some of you (and by some, I mean around twenty or so of you. So most likely not you) may have read my first post on Steemit's introduceyourself three days ago, I wrote about my life, how I should have died, but didn't and how that has now lead me to using filmmaking as a way of bringing hope back into people's lives again. I have been working on a feature length documentary, set to release this year, called Time Well Spent. It follows the stories of four young men from different corners of the world that have had to walk through some pretty heavy backgrounds. Yet somehow, they all found hope amidst the pain. They all found hope in the only thing that connects their separate continents. The Ocean. They found refuge in her embrace and peace in her comfort. Surfing was the one thing there for them when they felt lost, alone and scared. We traveled to all four of these boys front steps to tell their stories of pain, triumph and hope. Then take them all together on thesurf trip of a life time to Panama. To have a trip they'd always dreamt of and to give back to others and discover their worth. Enter Kross from the Big Island of Hawaii. Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.15.02 AM.png
Kross in his place of refuge - Photo: Elliot Gray for Time Well Spent (TWS)

Kross Brodersen

One of the boys chosen for Time Well Spent, Kross is from the Big Island of Hawaii. Although you're thinking of postcard beaches and vacation when I mention Hawaii, there is a much darker side to Hawaii then most people know about. A side full of drugs, abuse and broken families. Kross had a childhood growing up that, if you would have asked me prior to filming Time Well Spent, I would have told you didn't exist in Hawaii. Kross grew up living out of a van with his younger brother and sister and his two parents, who were struggling with addiction and trying to do their best for their kids at the same time. I remember Kross telling me about what it was like for him going to school and trying to act normal and be just like the others kids. While at the same time walking down to the state beaches to use their free showers in the mornings before school. He was living two lives. On the outside he was trying to keep it together, blend in and not let anyone know his little secret, but on the inside he was desperately wanting someone to hear him. To listen to him and to love on him. He found just that. Only, at first, it didn't look like you'd imagine. It was the Ocean. She'd listen to him for hours, help him to drown out his sorrows and even bring Joy and hope back into his life.

If you have ever surfed or even dated someone who surfed, then you would know how tight of a community it really is. Especially the Hawaii surf community. Everyone takes care of each other and everyone is there for one another. Soon after beginning to surf, Kross found a second family. One that would take care of him the rest of his days. One that would be there for him through his highs and lows of couch hopping and homelessness. Including even raising all the fund for him to go on this amazing surf trip with Time Well Spent.

Now to the Part of where Kross will inspire you as he's done in my life.

Kross has been though a lot in his life. Truly, things I can't even comprehend coming from my world view. He has had things happen to him that, by all means, would have granted him the ok by all of us to give up, but he never did. When I met Kross he had this smile that was so contagious that you couldn't help but smile back and this joy that radiated from him. Out of everything he'd been through he just really wanted to see others happy and had an amazing heart to help others. That's why when we finally left for our Time Well Spent trip, he was completely in his element. He was going to be able to build a house for someone else who didn't have one. To give someone else the one thing he never had. And oh my, it was such an incredible moment. But that's all I'll say for now as I don't want to spoil to movie!

I wrote all of this, to show you this below. A short video snippet of Kross' Story and his Life on the Big Island. Enjoy!

If you are liking what you are seeing, let me know. I am looking at doing a write up/video sneak peak on all the boys in the documentary and them leading up to releasing the doc on ehere for all you steemians.

Panama lineup.jpg
Kross and Yeferson looking out at perfection in Panama

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