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RE: Say hello to the NettyVoter Bid Bot - 0.10 SBD minimum bid, 50% votes, 1.2 hour periods

in #introduceyourself4 years ago (edited)

I think it will be dificult for someone other then you to make profit with this bot. I checked your wallet and you got several bids, so probably no one of them will make profit. The problem is the vote is worth 2$ so if 8 people bid in 2 h with the minimum amount they will all loose money because of curation reward.


Use my Dr. Otto Analyzer before placing a bid. You need to wait for the bot a bit to vote for two rounds before my tool can analyze and do the math for you. But I totally agree with you. @booster has more than 600K SP with no minimum bid and @discordia has more than 32K SP yet the minimum bid is 0.100 SBD. The 0.250 SBD minimum bid on this bot with only 10K SP is way too much and the owner should reconsider it... The so-called potential profit of 700%+ is currently only possible if only one person bids in 2.4 hours with the minimum bid which is basically wishful thinking. Unfortunately, many Steemians are going to learn the simple math behind what I'm saying the hard way by paying and losing...