Steemit needs to build something into the system to deal with this type of user.

When I did a post about flagging two months ago I'd never actually had a post flagged, only comments - so this was a gap in my Steemit experience - I'm just glad I have friends with some voting power.

My post was inspired by seeing that happen to a new user who only had about $20 in his wallet and only about 30 followers.

On the other hand, there is that which cannot be mentioned...

well done. It looked like a real fake to me!

I'm curious - what do you think about the possibility of the account mentioned above being a full production team?

For obvious reasons I'm not going to mention names (we are talking BIG money!

seems interesting. What do you have in mind?

I'm thinking that one of the most popular and profitable accounts on Steemit is very different from what it claims to be, but nobody is going to mention it!


If you have an American flag you can cover up anything..

sadly :D

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