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by Tim Ozman

SYNOPSIS: This is the result of two years of reporting on the Flat Earth internet subculture as an undercover journalist. It deals with the internal political and social maneuvering within the fringe of the fringe. As I learned in my time among them, their story is just a microcosm of the larger story of man’s perpetual maladjustment to the ever changing world.

My approach was to involve myself to such a degree that I would become part of the story. This is a walk through of the Flat Earth as it existed in for me in 2002 as a member of the Flat Earth Society where I took it to be a joke, and placed it alongside several other cults and fringe groups I was investigating.

Then I fast forward to 2016 when I published a book entitled The Flat Earth Activist, and engaged in some minor Flat Earth related activism in order to gain the trust of the grassroots. From there we moved into internet raids, memetic propagation, and the establishment of community driven Flat Earth billboard campaign which culminated in a publicity stunt involving a steam powered rocket and a series of controversial statements accusing NASA and Spacex of faking space travel.

And the final chapter, the one I am writing now, concerns the process of extricating myself from the stationary Flat Earth and stepping back into the spinning, spherical, world which is no better or worse off than the flat one."

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