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I did post a #introduceyourself post previously but someone told me that not only did they miss it but that I should have added a few things like my picture and what not. So here is another image with a date on it.

William Ehrendreich

Hello I am Bill

My son Douglas will often remark, "Dad you are crazy." I tell him yes that is what all the documents say. I have become a student of self compassion and growth. I have really transformed in life. I am just now seeing my calling in life and love to serve others. I struggled for many years with Bipolar Disorder but have come to a place in my life of general peace and happiness. I would even go so far as to suggest that I am grateful for everything that I have gone through because it has taught me so much.

I like to write. I am not going to tell you that all of it is great but I have had some success with my material on mental health recovery, compassion and some medical articles. I was a featured author for Yahoo's now defunct contributor network. I have been drawn to writing online for years now. Probably the most money that I earned was from the Yahoo experience. I do have a blog at Compassion & Recovery Today. Which has had about 35,000 or so reads. It is mostly dedicated to mental health and medicine. I took a break from writing for some time after I was diagnosed with Parkinson's. That pronouncement took a lot out of me but I am back passionately interested in producing content.

Bitter Root Range Montana
For a day job, I do video production, 3d grahpics (Architectural Visualization & Enviromental Art). You can see some of my stuff on Deviant Art or on Artstation.

Some Of My Work

I am also trying to get a feature movie made. I created a story for a movie that we are titling Full Bleed at this point. It is a story about 4 teens who end up getting drafted to work for an intelligence agency.

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