Hello steemians this is my first Post and I am starting this blog to share some health related content from my experience and knowledge.

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I am using steemit through my another account since October last year, 4 months+ in duration i think. And I also created this account at pretty much at the same time for the purpose of sharing some health and healthy life related post, but haven't posted anything yet because I was busy understanding things on steemit and how it works. Now I think I have some experience now with the platform and now I am ready to start my blogging career here.Well time will tell how much success will I get but I pretty much a nice plan to stay on the platform and start a nice career here.

I have to tell you I am not a doctor at all but I have some serious experience about health related topics because I had worked on many blogs as freelancer to write articles on it and from my own experiences.

And here I am starting now with this post, which I write it as a introductory part for this account. So friends wish me a luck and keep visiting me if you ever like my posts. Thank you!.

I want to keep this image as a cover picture which I have taken from Source.Please tell me if this isn't okay.

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Hey! Thought it was contest but seems content :) Glad you've decided to blog about health! And you are right, there is no bigger wealth than our health! I am into that too :) Followed

I am into healthy lifestyle, mind, motivation and more in case you would like to visit my channel :) VALUE guaranteed


Opps, sorry for my mistake there :)
And thanks for dropping your thoughts too.Will surely visit your blog

Welcome to Steemit, nice blog following you, You can also follow me