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Hi Steemit World

Today I'm going to introduce myself my son! We named him Zion Yurie Louis, his nickname is Zyl (That actually stands for the initials of his given names, pronounced like /Zayl/). He will most likely be part of my posts that's why I'm taking the time to introduce him here.

Screen Shot 06-13-17 at 03.34 PM.PNG
Look at this lovely bubbly little kid!

He was born on the 24th of November last year, currently he's already 6 months old, time flies real fast right? I still remember when he was still kicking within my stomach like it was just yesterday (right now all kicks from him comes from the outside).

Screen Shot 06-13-17 at 03.42 PM.PNG
This was him at 3 days old, we're still in the hospital around this time, he's wearing clothes that are all blue-green in color, he looks like a little Doctor in surgery clothes.

Screen Shot 06-15-17 at 11.41 AM.PNG

That 4-part photo above is Baby Zion's first time in Church, as you can see he can go from Happy to Grumpy real quick. Even though his face is all scrunched up, he still looks real cute in that photo!

Here he is from the side:

Screen Shot 06-15-17 at 11.53 AM.PNG
Screen Shot 06-15-17 at 11.53 AM 001.PNG

We took him for a stroll in the mall and he likes it. He did not cry at all the whole time and was just smiling at all the strangers that looks his way.

Screen Shot 06-15-17 at 11.56 AM.PNG

He loves taking a bath! Look:

Screen Shot 06-15-17 at 11.57 AM.PNG
Screen Shot 06-15-17 at 11.58 AM.PNG

Now he's swimming in the pool with his Daddy @deveerei:

Screen Shot 06-15-17 at 12.00 PM.PNG

Now I guess you know why my baby's cute, because he's:

Screen Shot 06-15-17 at 12.04 PM.PNG

Zion say 'Hi!'

Screen Shot 06-15-17 at 12.21 PM.PNG

Screen Shot 06-15-17 at 01.35 PM.PNG
Lastly, here's baby and me.

Thanks for viewing!

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Hello! It's nice to see you here! Hope you enjoy it on here as much as I do.
I wish you the best! and hope to see you soon.


Thank you so much! I appreciate the warm welcome!

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Guess I lost the roll. Better luck next time!

Welcome to Steem!



Welcome to Steem!



Manual upvote ;) upvote my comment and page thanks

Welcome to steemit! If your looking for crypto currency updates, carpentry and a bit of photography follow me 😎

Also you should check out the minnow support! It's here to help us small guys grow!!



Thanks so much! I appreciate it!


I'm aware of the group, my husband's in it. He will set up my registration for me.

Welcome to Steem @haneun I have sent you a tip



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follow me back if you want to know more about Asian food!


Thank you so much! Will do!

Wow baby looks very very pretty !
Your family looks happy!!
Hope to see your post!
Following and vote ^^


Thank you so much dear!


Thank you!



Keep it coming!


Will do!

Hi baby cutie!

Congratulations to you and @deeverei !! He's a pretty cool guy! Welcome to steemit to you and Zion! And hey are you guys going to donate some books or what :) !! No , but I'm following you now, I hope you like it here!


I like it here, I don't have that many things to post yet. I'm still new and I don't understand a lot about this site yet. @deveerei is helping me out though! Thank you @drpuffnstuff yes, we're gonna try to do the book donation. He shared it to me right away when he read it.

hello @haneun and welcome to steemit..., have fun!! best regards @geschichten


Hello! Thank you so much!