Hello, World!

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I'm Gandalf.
That's not my real name, but even my mom saved my number as Gandalf in her phone contact list.
That counts, right?
I'm an IT Wizard, system admin, happily married, owner of a cat.
Owned by a cat.


Nyunya (The Cat) wants to watch everything I do, that's just her way of lending a helping paw. I’m not sure if she is so fascinated by what I do or she wants to make sure I do it right.

Why am I here? What is my motivation?
Not much different from that guiding my cat:
Curiosity and to be a witness (node?) of what is emerging here.

May the STEEM be with you!

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Nice, I understand the "owned by a cat" sentiment. haha

Cats, humans , all we move for instinct and curiosity. Welcome! And your cat also!:P

Welcome to Steemit Gandalf!

Very cute post, funny too! Luv your cat :) Keep up the good work!

Can i ask what your secret was to get 59 upvotes and $270 for this post? could you check mine and let me know? beauitful cat btw, i have one named roxy that sleeps on my head lol


That was one year ago when there was not that many content and easier to get some attention I suppose, and a lot of heavy staked active users around.
As far as I can see you are downvoted by some accounts because of your referral links to some mining services. That's subjective thing I suppose. I don't see much harm in this (except of most likely wasting money in most cases). Also, please avoid using copied material (including photos, especially without proper attribution where needed). Original content is apprieciated here.
Good luck :-)


your very nice cat vd


Hello @gtg :)

This is a beautiful cat.
Does this little bell it has on its neck not bother the cat, or the owners? ;)
I am the cat person myself.

I hope to see more of your private, non-witness posts in the future, maybe from @gandalf account.

All the best to you.