New Photo! And a teaser from my recent Euro trip...!

in introduceyourself •  2 years ago 

Hey fellow Steemians and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

This is a follow up to the #introduceyourself post I did a while back. This time, I am happy and willing to share a photo of me from my recent little Euro trip during the Christmas and New Year holiday period!

So, yeah, that is me. Behind the Greek Atheist Vegan is a guy called Yiannis:


Further blog posts about my New Year Euro trip are on the way. FYI, our feet didn't leave the ground from London --> Brussels --> Cologne --> Berlin before we reluctantly took a flight home back to London from the incredible and crazy city that was Berlin.

Catch y'all soon.

Peace and love always,

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Awesome @grkatheistvegan we keep adding great people here driven by the level of commitment and quality you strive to bring. I am always jealous of those who are able to spin the globe like yourself, very cool. If you want some help early on to get more attention on here this post a great help, I wish I would seen this out the gate. When you are on the platform let me know with a comment so I can start upvoting your posts I like. Great post good luck!

You are very attractive

Hi Yiannis, Welcome again and thanks for your photo. Greetings from a fellow vegan!