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RE: Introducing Voice Of Steemit Project - Roadmap and Initial Token Offering - Join the Revolution on Steemit!!

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Great project. I have gone through some rough times in my life dealing with depression and anxiety and really just some stressful times in life. My anxiety at one point got so out of control I was convinced I was having heart attacks and was going to die! You got my upvote and resteem for sure. Great idea!

Id love to share my story with others also!


@grizzlyadam4201 - I am very happy to hear from you brother, I would definitely want to have you join us in developing this project. I am sure your story will serve as an inspiration to many to come out of their mental situation. Kindly contact us on discord now, we may have an excellant opportunity for you

Discord Server Link :

Thanks will do!

@grizzlyadam4201- Looking forward to have you there soon and also tell your story through voice of steemit .... discord details are already shared... :)