Me & My Sign

For starter , I'm a Scorpion, and according to Scorpio personality is both complex and fascinating. Scorpio women are secretive, sexy, magnetic, I guess I can cosign that . However it also mention that Scorpio are also aloof and calm.
The Scorpio woman has a great capacity for kindness and a desire to do good in the world.Maybe the reason why I always wanted to be a teacher since I was little.
"Scorpios make a statement wherever they go". And I do not know why this is my favorite one. I try to learn from day-to-day situations I encounter. The people around me give circumstances and most of the time inspire me to quote it on a paper or online where everything I write is acceptable.
And lastly Scorpions have a magnetic charm that can't be ignored was mentioned too , and if I won't get high votes or number of likes I might just send an email to astrologyzodiacsign website . 32891523452919_.pic_hd.jpg

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谢谢 = thank you @steemladder

Welcome to Steemit @gorgeousjoyce!

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Welcome to Steemit @gorgeusjoyce!
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You are so kind, lovely, fierce, and I'm Aquarius, loyal, crazy, fun. Thanks for sharing, hehe. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. You can call me Joey.


Thanks for the kind words. Oatmeal? hehe yeah that's crazy.