Introducing the goddess

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Hello everyone, today I'm going to be introducing my friend her name is Treasure, she's mostly known as Ikwerre goddess(because she's too fine to be human, so that's the closest description), but I call her Akelachi. She's an Ikwerre girl from Rivers State, Nigeria. First thing to say about her is that she's a say queen(obviously), she's very brilliant, almost nerdy in that aspect, but can get willddd when it's time for that.
IMG-20180122-WA0002.jpgShe loves music, movies and books, at the same damn time (like yeah, can she get anymore awesome) and she's a beautiful writer, one of the best you'll ever meet. She's a great friend, one that I consider family, very dear to me and I've been trying to convince her to join steemit, so hopefully she will be convinced when she sees the upvotes so I'll really appreciate it you can give some upvotes for her✊

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Welcome to steem...

Damn you friend is preety, tell her @sistem said so...never knew ikwerre girls were this fine.

Welcome to steemit!

Hi, welcome to Steemit. If you want to learn something about Steemit, you can follow me.

Welcome to steemit community.

Hello there, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and I love your hair, your smile, your glasses, and your lovely friend as well.