Introducing myself.

So, I'm told that I should make some fancy words and pictures to catch your attention here.

But, since I don't take orders, and barely entertain suggestions I will compromise.

This is a picture taken some years ago.

It is on my fedbook page that I had to make when they locked me out of the account I had had for 7 years.

As you can see I'm still using the same name I used then.

That was their issue, they said that FBA wasn't my name.

Well, the joke is on them.

Ok, Steemians, I won't be putting up pics with flashy colors and subtitles.

I will by posting variations on the theme that if we really wanted to we could just keep working, but stop paying.

We could do it next Tuesday.

As long as the workers continue producing the goods the accounting department can fall off a cliff, and nobody would be any wiser.

Well, I guess the crapitalists and their shareholder minions might take exception with the plan, but what are they gonna do? Stop loading the trucks? They don't do that now.

Utopia is just this one simple step away.


#fbaoriginals #capitalism

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Let me lost me right after the picture. Let me re-read to see if it helps.


I'm told my looks do that,...