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RE: [email protected] - a charity powered by Steem.

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This is an immense idea @sammarkjames and I wish you all the best. I already wrote about it: am sure that the steemit community can do great things it we all are aware of the important social causes we can sustain (it's enough to think what we can do through the collective voting power). I saw you were in Greece, in what place? I would love to know a bit about it. I'll soon write an article about the potential of this community and will quote you for sure. Thumbs up, small tip sent. :-)


Thanks @f3nix! It's something I spotted soon after signing up but it took a little while to understand the capabilities of the platform. Now I do, Steemit is perfect for this. And in my experience I've seen small charities or organisations struggle with funding when they're doing something great. I'm not only offering funding, I will also offer any skills or experience that I can.

I've just finished writing about Nepal on my page. I'll be writing up Calais and then Greece so keep an eye out :) I was living in a small city near to Thessaloniki called Veria working on a camp but also some outreach. I worked in Thess too, Athens, Chios, Serbia...wherever I could help when I could help!

Let's hope @steemaid becomes a decent use case then :)

Well you can count on my support my friend.
I wish your initiative maybe in the future could tackle with the help of everyone not only emergencies but also inequality spreading worldwide..i'm thinking to associations like Oxfam for instance.
I still don't know if steemit is the platform that will emerge in the future as THE one, if this is the case I would love it to be different from this ugly society in which we live, forget its "financial" and speculative side and focus on making this world a more equal one through the power of good ideas. Finger crossed. I'm an Italian lawyer with some international experience, if I can help feel free to give me a buzz :-)

Much appreciated, the response so far is rather uplifting, look forward to putting something tangible forward in the coming days...