Introducing Everyday Bible: Bringing the Words of God . Living Life With God.

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The message of eternal salvation is a fundamental and predominant subject in Scripture, however the Everyday Bible uncovers considerably more—including how God would have us live. Through the recorded cases of scriptural figures we can realize what satisfies God and what does not. His Word likewise gives guide guideline to devotees on how we should act in each situation.

God's enlivened and inerrant Word was given for some, reasons: to show us, reprimand us, adjust us, and teach us in honesty; it was likewise given so we might be finished and prepared for each great work (2 Timothy 3:16– 17). By perusing the Everyday Bible consistently, you can discover heading for your life and figure out how to best serve the Lord who gave His life for you.

Why Everyday Bible is here?

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Everyday Bible is here on Steemit to spread the words of God. This is to widen the knowledge of every Steemians about God, His will and his love for us. Also, to strengthen the faith and the relationship of every Steemian to God. Having this online Bible here on Steemit will help every Steemian in guiding their ways, encouraging them to be good and help them have a meaningful life through learning the words of God.

The Bible is viewed as the most critical book on the planet. Essentially on the grounds that it is God's oath. When you read the Bible, you read a message from God Himself. At the point when the Bible speaks, God talks. Since the Bible is God's Word, it accomplishes something beyond pass on data. It makes a guarantee, a guarantee of life. Everybody who gets the Bible's message in confidence, is guaranteed the rich endowment of interminable life in the Lord Jesus Christ, God's Son. The Bible originated from God Himself. God picked a few people to record what He needed them to. Through God's motivation the Bible was composed around individuals who did not make up these words themselves. The Holy Spirit drove them to talk for the benefit of God.

We require the Bible in light of the fact that nobody can live completely without knowing God's actual Word. Genuine life comprises of complying with God's each charge. We can put stock in the Bible, since God's Word is valid and all guarantees will absolutely be satisfied. The Bible isn't excessively old, making it impossible to convey significance for us today. It is a living book that addresses individuals' hearts in each time and place. God's statement is brimming with quality and life. It is more keen than the most honed sword; it enters promptly to our most profound musings and wants and shows us obviously who and what we really are.

Everyday Bible is unutterably helpful in your every day life, since it shows you how to lead an existence loaded with utilize and sense that is satisfying to God. The book of scriptures shows you reality and exhibits any need in your life and confidence. It conveys request to your life and demonstrates to you what is correct and great. The best satisfaction you will get because of perusing the Bible is that it drives you to the Lord Jesus Christ. It demonstrates to you how you can be spared, in particular through confidence in Jesus Christ through whom you may get unceasing life.

Everyday bible is just the same as the handy bible.Everyday Bible will bring every Stemian closer to God and live God's words and his will.

Everyday Bible will help you When, When You, IF

  • Desiring inward peace
  • Starting a new job
  • You have a great responsibility
  • Wanting to live successsfully
  • Anxious for dear ones
  • Business is poor
  • Discouraged
  • Everything seems going from bad to worse
  • Lost friends seems to go back on you
  • Sorrow over takes you
  • Tempted to do wrong
  • Things look "blue"
  • You seem to busy
  • You have quarelled
  • You are weary
  • Worries oppress you


  • Feel your faith is weak
  • Think God seems far away
  • Are leaving home
  • Are planning your budget
  • Are becoming lax and indifferent
  • Are lonely of fearful
  • Fear of death
  • Have sinned
  • Want to know the way of prayer


  • Are challenged by opposing forces
  • Are facing a crisis
  • Are jealous
  • Are impatient
  • Are bereaved
  • Bear a grudge
  • Have experienced severe lossess
  • Need forgiveness
  • Are sick or in pain

Monday to Saturday: Verse of the Day

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From Monday to Saturday, Everyday Bible will bring beautiful verses that can make you inspired, motivated, and have a meaningful life. Also, verses include, how to live life with god and to seek the purpose in our life.

Sunday: Bible Study

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Every Sunday, Everyday Bible will post a "Bible Study" poster and any Steemians are encouraged to ask questions in the comment section below about life, problems, and any biblical questions related with God. Everyday Bible will answer the questions and any Steemians can also answer the questions.
This is to widen the knowledge of Steemians about the bible and to help them in their everyday life.
Bringing the word of God. Living Life with God.
Thank you everyone and may you have a blessed day ahead !!!

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