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RE: Allow Me to Introduce Myself! | Husband / Father / Humanitarian / Traveler / Expat Abroad

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Aw, that's so nice! Thanks so much for the kind words and for stopping by :) I love being a dad to my son (haha, no worries, we get this all the time, especially here in Asia and especially when he needs a haircut, he's just way too cute!) and just feel thankful most days. Not all days, but most days ;)

Thanks for the compliments! I've been following you for quite a while through my @starthere account - we came in around the same time. You're doing so well, congrats! Hope all is well in Mexico! I lived there for a while and miss it! I hope to get back there soon for a visit :)


haha not he's even cuter with that top pony lol I hear you about not all days!! I used to have to go in to my youngest' room at night to watch the beautiful angel sleep and fill up my meter because he was hell on wheels during the day haha They are 20 and 23 now and man, it goes by fast! Enjoy!

You're @starthere!!! I had no idea :) Thank you for the lovely compliment; I do put in piles of time here. Mexico is great, but we're here because my husband has cancer, so we are simply enjoying life; left the rat race behind!

Why the two accounts? I'm always curious about that.

Thank you! We're very aware how fast it goes - actively looking for ways to slow down time ;)

Yes, you caught me, it's me! I found myself wanting to post more, but feeling kind of trapped in the @starthere persona of focusing on cryptocurrency and humanitarian applications of blockchain. That's only one part of my brain and I was only posting once or twice a month. I opened @eoj to give me an outlet for everything else. So far it's working. Posting way more than before!

Plus, I experimented with bots on the other account and felt kind of bad about it. To each their own, but I was drawn to Steem by the idea that quality posts could lead to success - I'm really interested in that concept and possibility and would love to tell that story to other people, so wanted a bit of a fresh start as well :)

p.s. short plug for health care in Bangkok - it's awesome here! If you're finding your husband isn't satisfied with the level of care, check out Thailand :)

That makes sense @eoj, and I hear you loud and clear on the whole bot thing. I dabbled a bit, but felt icky afterwards. It felt like I was wrapping up and then opening my own birthday presents :)

Thanks for the tip on health care too! My mother calls me a gypsy, so you never know where the wind might take us next 😎

Ha, well put! I've never heard it put that way, I love/will steal the present analogy!!

hahaha feel free to :)

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