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RE: Introducing Voice Of Steemit Project - Roadmap and Initial Token Offering - Join the Revolution on Steemit!!

i would love to get involved in something like this ; perhaps you could send me some more information on how to get more involved .
Upvoted and re-steemed ; i shall even follow for more information on future posts .


@endymionoriax- Thank you for the interest... we would love to have u on board and please feel free to join our discord channel where back end discussion happen and all project building team is there always available

discord server link is :

i will for sure have to check it out at another time, but i will make sure to make myself known, i have one project i would like to possibly bring to the table, i have made a few posts about it already ; maybe you could check it out and let some of the others know ?
If not i can just brows around and help other projects and build myself a reputation before jumping right in head first lol !