Halo steemit Mari saya perkenalkan diri saya ke Steemit World

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I want to introduce my identity

Name: Mio Chen

My hobby: Photography

City of origin: Taipei

I am very happy to join the steemit community

Here I can share my story through steemit and I can communicate with outsiders

I started posting on Steemit, I often find it difficult to register and start posting Pain when I introduce my own idea to get paid for the content seems to be causing the inevitable question To keep trying, and to convince her Thanks Steemit Steem

Follow me steemit :@emaa

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Warning! This user is on my black list, likely as a known plagiarist, spammer or ID thief. Please be cautious with this post!
To get off this list, please chat with us in the #steemitabuse-appeals channel in steemit.chat.

You are too mean -_-

Welcome among us!!




Upvoted & following

yess thanks you

Welcome to steemit community @goodaytraders

Welcome to Steemit!!!!! Glad to have you on here, it's one of the best social media platforms on the web! :) If you want to learn more about how to make money on Steemit, go follow me here @parkermorris

Always nice to meet other photographers!
Welcome to Steemit Mio. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! :-)