My Introduction as New Born Steemian

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Hello steemians

My name is Catalino Duran III, but they called me J-r. I am a teacher in a Bible school, a missionary here in my country Philippines but will take my first mission trip abroad this coming summer, youth pastor, and a crypto enthusiast.

My interest is to motivate people helping them to realize their value. My way of approaching them is not religiously but according to their custom and interest.

I believe it’s not about by showing how obvious religious I am in order to encourage people but by knowing exactly who they are and how valuable their live is.


And here’s my first thought here

I enjoyed all what I’ve read so far. The humor and all informative different ideas in life, and I believe what I discover is just a glimpse compare to what I could get more throughout my days of journey in here.

I am very much feeling grateful of every member here for being generous of showing respect to everyone. This unique culture of steemians gives me an excitement to my journey in this space to be motivate and to motivate at the same time.

I’m a person with full of interest in learning new understanding from every individual, I don’t care the diversity of beliefs what I care is the thing you can share to my learning.

Since it is a place where respect is highly defined I am at peace that our differences couldn’t be a hindrance to deliver our interest motivated by a selfless desire.

Thank you everyone!

My other social media accounts:

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Thank you for giving me all of this. Such a big help for me.

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Thank you partiko. I will take a survey for this.

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Hello and welcome to steemit.

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Hi catalino
Welcome to the great community of Steemit, YESS You are a new Steemian now! I saw your #introduceyourself and its nice to meet you. We haven’t met before but that changes right now.
Blogging, building and uplifting eachother is what steemit is and what its all about on this blockchain. The best part is that you could earn money too.💴💸💰
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Your value and input is appreciated!
Good luck with your journey and may you find what you are looking for.
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Greeting from the Netherlands
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Welcome to steemit @elkinitro.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

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Hello Dear,

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Thanks & Namaste


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This is a lovely introductory post, Thank you for taking the time to write the post and say hello to the community!

I am here to help!

I would encourage you to keep posting and comment on others users content to help make a name for yourself and to get the most out of the platform!

Feel free to comment on my content and I'll up vote your comments! Drop me a follow so you can comment a lot and get a lot of my upvotes!

I have upvoted your post!

Luppers :)

You are a cool and smart man. Nice to meet you.