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RE: Supporting a Steem Community Economy: Intention, values and ethics in our products - Introducing Homesteaders Co-op

Awesome great way to support our Earth conscious manifesters. I literally just posted about our herbal dyed unbleached organic cannabis shirts, check it out here if you would like.

I do not technically own a homestead, but am working my butt off to get one eventually with @Hempress. That will be the day we can really expand our conscious practices. Bless up, and thank you for doing this. You have my full support.


Wow nice timing @elamental! I love your dyed shirts! Can't wait to see the final design :) Very cool that you are looking to own a homestead.... but we don't require anyone to own land to be a part of @homesteaderscoop. We are just looking for "homesteader mindset"! You definitely have it! If you are looking to sell your organic naturally dyed shirts or other homesteading wares for SBD please come join!

I am most definitely in. I will go ahead and fill out the application then. I also create hand-made wire wrapped jewelry with silver and natural gems, and we are looking to expand on our natural garments further than t-shirts. In fact, my girlfriend @Hempress creates all types of organic herbal dyed garments for ladies that she designs and sews herself. Thank you for providing all of us natural Earthers with this opportunity. Blessings.

Looking forward to it!! Wow that sounds amazing, you are so multi-talented, especially between the two of you :)

Thank you, and looking forward to participating in this project. Bless up.

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