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RE: What is Artopium?

Bloop, I thought that Artopium was a mixture of Art and Opium because you somehow like opium. But it seems to be a pretty nice system. What would you think of mixing it up with the Steem blockchain or even creating an SMT for it?


It's moving towards the blockchain as we speak. :) But I'm just one guy so it's not going to happen anytime soon. What I AM going to do is create a new shopping cart that accepts litecoin (and maybe steem!). Hopefully I have that done within a month or two. Right now I'm just happy it's about 98% bug free and secure!

Artopium is a combination of the words art, utopia, emporium. It makes more sense if you hear it pronounced. Seeing the word you might think to pronounce it art' - opium, but it's more properly pronounced ar - 'topium. :) But the drug references haunt me.

I hope that you succeed at moving your project to the blockchain. Steemit seems like a super great system that does just what you want it to do, and with some good design, I think that artists like us will be greatly rewarded with new nice offspring to the system.

Opium, I think I won't be getting another interpretation of the name for a while. Good luck! :P