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What Is Connect?

Connect plans to develop and deploy a world class social media application based on the the Ethereum Blockchain.
We plan to rival current social media platforms by creating a network for the users while maintaining full transparency throughout Connects development and beyond.

Users data will be encrypted therefore not used to targeted advertising or 3rd party selling. Individuals can create a personal social profile with an online encrypted wallet attached that enables transfer of digital currency fee-free & instantly from one user to another.

Connect is the all in one d-app that allows the average user to access and experience block-chain technology. Users will be rewarded for the content they post i.e. paid for each up-vote. Additionally we're adding an encrypted messaging service and marketplace where you can buy, sell & up-vote with real stores of value.

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How It Works

There are three primary tokens present in the connect ecosystem, these are; Connect, Connect Currency and Influence.

Connect is the primary unit of account within the connect ecosystem, used mainly as a store of value for which goods can be purchased.

Influence is obtained by storing connect in a long-term escrow contract, from which funds can only be released after a pre-determined amount of time. Holding influence allows users on Connect to sell items on the connect marketplace, and will unlock additional benefits for users within the app (think- Instagram business accounts). Influence can also be earned through content curation (liking, commenting on posts).

Connect Currency is a token that is always worth $1 US of connect. This system allows users to keep a constant store of value that is unaffected by the fluctuating price of Connect. Payouts for posts will be in Connect Currency, which can be converted at any time to Connect.

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Find Out More About Us Here ---->>> www.connectsocial.io & Sign up for our ICO date!

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