I'm Katie G from Citizens Investigative Report

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Hello! I am very excited about joining this censor free community! I also am looking forward to getting to know all of you!

Leaving Facebook soon and possibly my own personal blog http://www.citizensinvestigativereport.com in the very near future, as soon as I figure out how to get around sufficiently in steemit. I love this platform.

Please help me get started by following me here and help me "pick up steem" lol! Look forward to all of your postings!

Follow Me:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/citizensinvestigativereport/
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/citizensireport
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8VYbOH2Z_swlgSSQ-RwaUg
Gab: https://gab.ai/citizensinvestigate

I report on: Politics, News, Qanon and consider myself a "truther" to some extent.



Welcome to Steemit Katie.
I look forward to seeing your work here.
There is an awesome truther community here enjoying the non censorship.
You can put up to 5 tags on your posts, if you use #nomorefakenews you will have the right people find your work.
All the best and Steem on 😉

          Hello, and welcome to steemit. I am participating in a contest, and would like to include you in it. The contest is sponsored by @apolymask, and this is Information Finding Championship - Season 1 : Round 5 of what will be a lengthy contest. This portion of the contest is find a new person to sponsor on steemit.
          Please do not feel I am doing this only as a part of this contest. I do like helping people out. Along with the contest, I also participate in @mudcat36 and @davemccoy #newbieresteemday project. That is a project that is designed to help get new users a boost, and help them learn about steemit. The majority of the people participating in this project all have less than 1000SP, so we are all pretty much considered redfish/plankton. 1000SP is when you hit minnow level. Clicking on the tag will show you some of what we do.
          Along with the contest, (I enjoy some of the contest on steemit), and the #newbieresteemday project, I contribute and help get off the ground the #informationwar tag. Being as you described yourself a citizen reporter you may link and wish to follow that group @informationwar and @stevescoins - He is the one that started #informationwar tag, and is the owner of the shared account - @informationwar.
          Let me know if there is anything you need help with, and I will try to help or point you in a direction you may be able to find help.

Hey there Katie G - been listening to u on youtube, glad your here

Just got started here myself, - settling in, think this will be new home for all my endeavors

Anyway, welcome - I'll be looking forward to your posts

Thank you! I love steemit so far. Glad to see you here and happy to follow you.

Thanks. I love this platform. thanks for your support!

Welcome to steemit! You seem like an interesting individual. You mentioned considering yourself being a truther, have you done much research into the occult? Anyways.. Good luck on here!

Welcome to Steemit, Katie!
@bashadow sent us your way, looking forward to your posts

note to self -curate for #informationwar

Welcome to steemit katie

Curated for #informationwar by @stevescoins
Relevance: Welcome Aboard!
Our Purpose

Welcome! Fully free speech is it not. I was already censured and also blocked.

Found you thanks to @bashadow and the #newbieresteemday guys. Looking forward to following you!

Tyhank you Katie for turning me on to steemit! I am trying to familiarize myself with this but I am sure I will get there. Looking forward to getting some info out to our fellow citizens!!

I’m glad to see you over here. You’re one of the YT channels I’ve been concerned most about losing. I appreciate you taking the time to narrate this crazy ride.
I’m a Philly boy, so...You add a touch of “Home”...to the red pill:). Thanks-so-much.

Hi Miss Katie G! I will follow you! I love how great you make your YouTube videos and enjoy your presentations. It's so cute how you relate to hubby Jim. Thay's got to be your little grandson (age2). He is beautiful. I look forward to seeing your posts here. I am an anarchist and a crypto holder! My son, Patrick, has been telling me about Steemit and I also like the non sensorship of this platform. We The People, where we go one we go all!!!