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Hey, thanks for all the kind words. Definitely if you have so much creative energy popping you have to harness it. Following through is the hardest part, that's why they say writing is re-writing. I too used to have trouble finishing a project. For me it came from a feeling that it wouldn't be good enough. How can somebody criticize or judge me if I never finish the thing? It's perfect in my head. If I put it on paper, will I still think it's any good? The other factor was, if I spend time on THIS one, then I can't spend time on THAT one. I think the solution for both is the same. Take one of your projects to the end zone. The only way to get to the other ones is to finish the first one. Once that project is done, move on to the next BEFORE going back over the first one. If it's screenplays, finish the second one BEFORE rereading the first. You will learn so much writing the second that you'll be able to attack the first with new insights. Also, finishing doesn't have to be a finished product. Your script could be 60 pages, with blank spots, as long as it tells a full story. You can fill in the rest when you know more what you're doing.
I have kids too, and that's the best part of my dad. But you have to make use of those gifts. They are like muscles. They have to be developed through repeated use. The first thing you create will not be the best, so keep at it.
Thanks for the long note!


Ah man! My apologies for the late reply, Rich! I could've sworn I already replied to this. As I've said, I'm still figuring my way around here too.

I very much appreciate your reply and great advice. You're absolutely right about all of it. I will be taking heed of your words, and hey, who knows, maybe you'll be sitting in a theater watching my movie some day 😎

Wishing ya all the best brother and I look forward to seeing what else you have to offer here. Feel free to follow me if you like, but regardless I'll be around.



This is a great pep talk @carneasadafilms.
I love your story. Thanks for sharing it.

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