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Can distributed content aggregation limit site censorship?

in introduceyourself •  3 years ago  (edited)

Very nice article, you got yourself a follower and an upvote.

I sincerely hope that anyone and everyone involved in developing this platform reads this and understands the utter importance of not having it become the victim of their own power-thirst or micro-management itches.

It is already in severe danger of whales flagging articles for no good reason. Just look at Jeff Berwicks stuff getting clipped by collectivist political zealots, it's truly a disturbing threat, that I really hope will be mitigated in the near future, or I'm likely to move on myself in the not too distant future. And it would be a damn shame, but that's how it goes.

I much rather have a centrally controlled space with no censorship or sabotage, run by trusted idealists, than have a de-centralized hosting with bullies roaming around fucking it up for good writers with controversial or opposing opinions. I already got an account and a wordpress blog prepared on Network23, hoping I never have to move my stuff there.

But as you elegantly illustrate, it seems to be a trend. One that can seemingly only ever be defeated by technological/systematical means.

Keep posting, I bet you have lots more to say!

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