I'm Fighting Censorship & False Flags

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How do we fight Censorship and False Flags?

I’m doing my part on Steemit.

I nuked Sandy Hook by exposing David Wheeler’s two (2) roles at Newtown CT. That smoking-gun TV footage blew Sandy Hoax out of the water – exposing actors at the famous “school shooting.”


I was shocked when my Sandy Hoax videos remained on YouTube for more than 1 year. But I wasn’t shocked in Summer 2017 when YouTube terminated my channel, along with many others. America is a reality show – the producers cannot have us celebrating plot holes and sloppy acting. So they’ve resorted to censorship to protect their racket. But this censorship is also a clever trap.

They create the problem of “YouTube Censorship,” then offer the solution of “More Government.” They’ve got half the population begging McCain and Maxine Waters to “regulate the web…. Like a utility.” Imagine what happens when the internet is censored by the desperate Federal Government. We’ll get the same thing that happened to our Medical System – a husk of its former self, rigged to enrich and protect kleptocrats.

So instead of “more regulation by the Regime,” here’s my solution to Google/YouTube censorship:

When the Feds installed Hussein, they figured he could push us farther into Socialism. They were right. But now that Hussein’s gone, we’re left in ruins. Their solution? Distract us more.

There’s a problem. Nobody’s watching, since the MSM collapsed. Millions are cancelling Cable TV – partly because of hoax shootings. And major newspapers are buying fake web traffic to appear solvent:

Meanwhile, nobody’s got jobs and nobody’s got money.

The American way of life is imploding. To prevent riots, this requires bigger distractions, launched more frequently. Thus, daily False Flags compete with sex scandals. When that’s not dizzying enough, irrefutable evidence catches our least-favorite “villain” politician.

Yet nobody goes to prison. Ever.

When liberals lose focus, suddenly Trump’s on the hot seat. When independents wander off, suddenly Hillary is “finally nailed” with evidence of _______. Hillary is the “bitch we love to hate.”

Why won’t Hillary ever go to jail? Because the Hillary “brand” is too valuable for the Regime – they cannot lock their star villain in a cell. That limits future plotlines. You see, how can we chase Hillary if she’s already been caught? Who would watch Season 7 where Hillary doesn’t like the prison food?

It’s the chase. It’s the scam. It’s the long con.

It’s Russia-Russia for 1 full year. It’s Wag The Traitor.

But this rope-a-dope can’t last. Bullshit is a short-term strategy, yet the Regime applies it long-term. They’re using street-hustler tactics to pacify a nation. What happens when folks realize the trick? That’s why the Boston Hoaxathon prepped us for Martial Law.

Yet the sloppy False Flags and hoax shootings keep coming. Because it’s all they’ve got:

They’re backed into a corner. The Regime can’t stop distracting us, because folks might realize the Federal Reserve keeps diluting the dollar, killing our buying power. Meanwhile, the dollars we’ve managed to earn sit in the bank earning close to 0% interest.

So whoops – this crisis actor shoots up that venue. And more vicSIMS die. And again tomorrow.


Government sucks. At everything. But with trillions of dollars for marketing, Madison Avenue can fool you into believing – and trusting – government as “Mommy” and “Daddy.” For a time, they can maintain that illusion of competence. But that doesn’t change what happens in the engine room. The Regime’s motor is melting, launching pistons thru the ceiling.

You see, it’s all smoke and mirrors – but now, the mirror’s dirty, and the smoke smells like shit.


And what’s my role in all this? I take pleasure in destroying their scams.

America needs a stable currency with buying power. We need our stolen doctors returned to us.

We need a smaller governing body – not a pack of blackmailed perverts.

Until that happens, I enjoy ruining their day.

And making you laugh...


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http://view.ly Please support this project at the next stage. I think it has huge potential for decentralized video.

I just wrote my first Steemit blog. It's about a way around Youtube censorship. Please check it out.
Also, thanks for the work you do. I saw your one video on YouTube two nights ago and found you on steemit.