An Ayurveda Doctor From India

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I am an ayurveda doctor from india, Happy to Join steemit and excited to explore this new platform. I am blogging at on subjects related to ayurveda and its benefits. Will blog here on those subjects related to health. I know majority here are traders and cryptomaniacs who spent whole day in-front of charts and using their brain at full load. So i hope relaxation techniques as well as health tips will benefit you people more.

I advice all to start practicing some meditation and yoga in daily life. It will help you not only in health but also to choose the right coin & decision :)


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Hello @ayurvedam! Welcome to steemit! :)

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Hey there @ayurvedam! Welcome to steemit :]

Welcome. I only have limited knowledge of Ayurveda, but find diverse forms of medicine interesting. Deepak Chopra promotes it very highly in the West.

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