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Hello New Friends!

Wow thank you for all the love and support! I do hope you start posting soon. I see that you are a natural birth advocate. A great friend of mine I grew up dancing with in high school who no longer performs, has become a doula and a farmer. She crosses my mind often and I another lifetime that would be a path I would love to investigate. This life, however, has given me other gifts and has lead me in another direction. Please share your stories and experiences! I would enjoy living vicariously. Following you and looking forward to reading your posts!!!

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Wow! Your friend sounds like my people! My partner and I have been into sustainable farming for awhile now! Very cool stuff! Will be posting my first post soon! Next chance my little man gives me to sit down and focus I will be doing it! Eeeek! Thanx for the support and encouragement to make things happen!