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Since everyone did it, I'm following the steem and give you guys a short introduction.

I'm fav, active in crypto since 2013, according to my bitcointalk account.

The reason I'm here is another though.
Shortly after I joined bitcointalk I fortunately stumbled upon a, large ass too complicated for me, genius post by someone going with the handle bytemaster.

Many of the old Bitshares people know how my crypto-story progressed from there...

  • Started mining protoshares with a shitty old computer (mined one of the first blocks)
  • active on BitSharestalk since the dawn of time (11/04/2013) > global mod > admin
  • hates censorship and values privacy... this reflects how I moderate on the forums.
  • acted as trusted PTS escrow (some $40k ran through my hands)

Then Bitshares was born, then Graphene... I had to take some pauses from time to time due to personal stuff... you know how it goes in life sometimes :)

Anyways, at first I was against Steem due to the nature of how it was rolled out. 80% premine and whatnot, it was just looking like another shitcoin.

However, I was positively surprised when I signed up here. The idea is great, @ned and @dantheman are doing a great job so far and this could really be an entry point for non-crypto folks which we will of course evangelize and introduce to Bitshares & how to Be Your Own Bank in the future :)

Other than that, I run a blog which I plaster with how-to's (I'm not a good "article" writer, nor good enough in English) and tend to say what I think unfiltered, that's just how I roll so don't be mad at me :D

Oh yeah, I love the 80/20 working approach and I hate working for a company in my daytime.

I'm an entrepreneur by blood (I hate the word serial entrepreneur, fucking hipster-buzzwords), if we had an Universial Basic Income I would be long full steem ahead in crypto projects... Hope dies last, right?

Alright, that's about me, but I'm happy to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) if you guys want to know more about me

Follow @ash
Contact: fav@zeroid.bit only via ZeroNet

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Hey fav! Great to see you here!

Welcome Fav, I would like to see you blog here.


I am! this https://steemit.com/steemit-ideas/@ash/idea-split-userblog-view--the-next-level should be implemented though.

plus a wordpress plugin :)



Anata wa omoshiroi desu. :)

Yep, you are a solid guy who's been around the block for a long time. Glad to see you here. :-)