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RE: What is Artopium?

What can I say. There are many mes. I do many things and there are many facets to my life. :)

But to be fair and honest my robot friend, although I've introduced myself in the past, this is the first time I've introduced Artopium. And the last time I posted in this category was well over a month ago. So I don't think it's spam. And I think it's a wholly appropriate category. Thanks.


Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

You might consider using the introduce tag instead of the introduce "yourself" tag, which is truly best when used once only.

I think you're over-regulating the tag, jussayin'

I may want to update my introduction because I now have an audience, or I may want to introduce myself in a different way. Using other tags for that seems counter-productive and against the purpose.

In fact, all those "should" are just your opinion about it, so yeah, opinion respected and duly rejected. <3