This is My Little Ki

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It is true, I've already introduced myself but, I selfishly only briefly spoke of my Daughter. Like any parent, my child is a very distinct part of my life and who I am and, I intend on writing about US, not solely myself. I cannot adequately introduce myself without including my beautiful girl.

Her name for this blog is Ki.
This photo was taken hours ago.


Ki is shockingly hilarious and compassionate. She enjoys crafts and has an obsession with cats; I'm pretty sure that she thinks she's a cat in human costume. My girl is twelve (12) years- her mind and body is roughly eight (8) or nine (9) years- her determination is far beyond her age.

I will be speaking on mental health in many of my blog posts so, though my child's mental conditions do not define her, they are real. On that note, Ki has been diagnosed with

  • ADHD
  • Defiance Disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Hypothyroidism
  • FASD

Now, before I get a monsoon of comments regarding my drinking while pregnant- I WAS UNAWARE OF PREGNANCY FOR 2.5 MONTHS. I did two (2) pregnancy tests that displayed negative results and had my menstrual cycle for about 6 months while pregnant.

Don't judge me.

That said, there's no test to identify FASD so, the doctor's are essentially going on my speculation. Mental health concerns run deep on both sides of the family thus leaving the overall why at question.

She has great difficulty recognizing social cues; if a child doesn't want to play, Ki doesn't notice. This lack of social awareness causes her to lack in the friend department and she's beginning to notice that, "no one likes me". My heart breaks.

At Ki's age, it's difficult for me to assist with social dynamics.

One of the hardest things about raising a child with her combination of needs is maintaining my own mental sanity. It's really hard on the mind, body and soul to cope with her screaming in public, "help, help, she's hurting me" for pulling my baby out from running into traffic; or, "I'm hungry, you are starving me" not because she's hungry but because she wants to eat out for dinner.

In all honesty, I'd love to eat out for a 9th time in a month after my energy and dignity is drained.

I love Ki. I do not want anyone to misread my open honesty here. I love her so much. I feel so much guilt that I cannot help her. I cannot fix her. I cannot fix society. I cannot fix all the shoes she hates and the tags that feel funny and the jeans that hurt.

I'm okay with not being able to fix things until she reminds me that this is my fault. In some regard, she is right. So, we go shopping for new clothes that don't hurt and have veggie burgers for dinner again.

It feels a little fixed when she's happy.
I want her to be happy.

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This is a old photo but, one of my all time favs!


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Nice playground and daughter. Love her style.

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Awesome. I love cats too. Great photos of your daughter. Yeah, you talk about fixing or not fixing. Yeah, I think I agree, that we can't always fix things or people. But it is important to remember which things may be broken and which things are not broken. Focus on what you do have, with what does work. Upvoted. Resteemed.

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She is a lovely girl @anaclark .
Nothing is going to stop you and your daughter, not even a stupid illness.

Thank you Eddie.

I wanted to write you prior to now but, I didn't know that I could run out of Power.

Thank you for the kind words you said a couple days ago. And, thank you deeply for helping me out.

I love to write (my issue is stopping myself from rambling) and I feel that Steemit is a very intelligent, inspirational, and welcoming community. I have never experienced the motivation to write as this community has given me.

The combination of real activity and support with the crypto incentive (be it only a buck or two) gives creators that extra push that we all need sometimes.

Thank you so much.
I look forward to reading your posts.

You’re welcome @anaclark . We need more people like you here, the crypto winter has damaged us a lot but I hope we will recover soon.
Try to power up as much as you can here because if not yo will have problems in order to interact with other steemians...
I’m going to delegate some SP to you just to give you some margin.
Do not hesitate to ask me whatever you don’t understand or any doubt you may have.

Steem on!

Now you have enough Resources Credit and SP...
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Thank you Eddie!!! I've been doing a lot of reading and stat checking and... wow- what a brain full.

I appreciate your support, it has been extremely helpful. 💕

This is incredibly touching.
It made my heart full in some ways, and broke it in others.
You seem to be such a strong and inspiring woman.💓
I believe that the universe handed you Ki because you are for her the best guide she could have asked for in this journey of life.

You have the spirit of a warrior, and so does your beautiful daughter.
Sending so much strenght and love your way.
Thankyou for being vulnerable on here and sharing something super personal.💚

you are welcome

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That was a quite touching post, I think it is really respectable that you are talking about this topic openly.

Many people probably wouldn’t have the courage to do so.
I am no father yet so maybe I can’t give the best advice but I hope I can be one day and I want to wish you and your kid all the best for the future.

Stay strong 🙏
And thanks for your post.

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Thank you truly. Your genuine words have made me feel comforted and inspired. 💕