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Ok, at 62, it's about time to find the courage to speak. Well, actually life has requested commitment numerous times and I've sent the wheel spinning hoping to avoid responsibility, humiliation, you name it. But with the state of our world today; my fears, anger and usually denied rage have finally turned into enough outrage to stand up and say something. And I have a few things to say about the world. No, not about what's wrong (plenty), the resulting fear, anger and rage; but about where we go from here, how we are going to create real peace and why it is so important to decide who we are going to be. Because I have lived a literally fantastic life. I offer the seeds of real hope.

Currently my husband Josh and I run a small sustainable farm and year - round farm stand in the rural Berkshire hills of western MA. It harkens back to my childhood in even more rural western NC in the 50's. My father was a practicing bohemian writer, escaping a well heeled life of a Boston upper class member who happened to be related to Melville... a burden no doubt. My mother was a southern belle who followed her wild side to hook up with a yankee and follow his artistic ways by cooking and socializing with the many writers and artists who filled our lives. We always had a big garden, ate from it all year long by canning on the big wood cook stove. Idyllic - living with the land, learning the ways of Nature and a good experience for the prepper I would become.

Yes, we grow our supper and and many others' too. It is very cool. I feel safe - largely - in our bubble of hard work and isolation. However although the world has not collapsed in the way or time I feared/hoped it would, the degradation of our shared 'civilizations' is unavoidable. Josh and I can take care of us, but what about the rest of the world? Bubbles pop every day.

Quick history - I've been a baker, restaurant co-owner, skilled interior artisan, doll artist, chamber maid, tile installer, professional gardener, waitress, gift shop owner and now farmer. I have done enough to know a thing or two. I've been married twice, this second marriage to Josh has stuck (partly because of his sainthood but more because we've both worked on healing and forgiveness of all the #^! that came before). My 2 daughters are well into their own lives, pursuits and search for meaning and a living all at the same time. My 2 grand- children are busy being kids. We've been comfortable enough financially to travel the country in a 38' RV ...we've also lost enough to be nickel counting, mac & cheese eating dirt poor. So I've come to realize what is valuable in life and that I can recover from mistakes...we all can. Money is a tool; value, worth and meaning are something else. Love is a life-long exploration, requesting growth and above all, choice.

I have heard it said that "courage is the willingness to be wrong in the pursuit of what is right". So here comes the courage part. Consider before you dismiss, what I'm about to tell you is fantastic, amazing and absolutely true. Josh and I live and work - for the past 26 years - with 2 non-physical consciousnesses. Yes. Josh is a professional channel. He has channeled the consciousness called SOTU, for over 22 years. I channel privately only in house. Our interactions, conversations with them happen almost daily....all with the purpose of urging/helping/giving us a kick in the "but, but, but...I don't want to grow up!- Waaaaa!" Through it all, Josh and I have come to walk our talk around conscious reality creation and the mechanics of spirit. We have gained an understanding of the changes humanity is facing NOW and have made new maps of growth in consciousness. Maps that can help make it into the adulthood of our species. It has been a journey of love, hard work and a steadfast passion.

Publicly we have presented hundreds of channeled workshops/talks/seminars/ intensives with thousands of people. We have led people on tours of ancient sacred sites around the world. We are grateful for each facet of growth and understanding these folks have added to the puzzle. After a 6 year hiatus to turn my old family home and small garden into a viable farm/business we are coming back to the world with the channeling and its gifts. We do what we do very well. Our purpose now is simply to offer what we have learned.

I have learned from this experience that peace - real soul soothing, lasting peace - is possible. For everyone. Both as individuals and even our entire species/world. The channeling has given us both a deep understanding of the arc of humanity's growth from the Garden until now - replete with answers to a lot of the 'whys' things are so screwed up now and getting worse. We been given the gift/opportunity to grow, to heal from the past, to forgive the others and ultimately ourselves, and actually have life get better and better. It hasn't been easy, but once certain pathways of change are open, growth becomes easier for the next ones.

So why even tell you this, why risk it? Because, all the very work/exploration we have done with our non- physical counterparts has all been with the purpose assisting the global transformation. We have 25+ years of understanding why we, why the world is going through this upheaval. Yes, it is 'airy-fairy' sounding , this 'transformation of consciousness' but in fact it comes down to real world, nitty gritty, and down to earth choices everyday. Humanity is asking ourselves, world/species wide, to grow up. Look around, it ain't looking easy. How can we sit on all we have come to know in the midst of the increasing hardships and suffering? We wish to help. Wouldn't you too like to see beyond the feared horizon?

So if you have made it this far with me, perhaps you're interested or desperate enough to look further. I will be posting periodically to rattle our common cages and offer alternative perspectives, particularly toward creating Peace. Some of the understandings have come from Spirit and some have come from the land, life and Nature..ultimately we are both. There is hope, we are not at the end of the world, only the end of our speciel (species) adolescence. Growth into our destiny of a civilization that measures itself by how the least of its members are doing, not the best... is out there for us. It starts with a choice.

I hope you enjoy, are sparked with curiosity or at least find a seed or two of purpose, understanding and hope in what we offer.
Adrienne K. Metcalf

"Rattling Cages since 1994"

Peace Begins with Enough for All

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Glad you're here on Steem. You're an interesting character and I hope you find a wide audience for your ideas of healing and peace.


Thank you....yes, looking for the audience, the more souls stepping up to the moment's request...the easier it will be.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

This is lovely! I'll follow and actually read your posts. I have been considering writing a post recommending a variety of books about connecting with nature, including Michael Roads and The Magic of Findhorn. This is such a broad community, but I believe you will find many are very open. Well met!


Good to meet. Thank you. Yes, reconnection with Nature...even if for a moment to remember our true nature...I find makes the rightness of being human more we're right at home here. Ah -yeah, we are right to be at home here. And Findhorn is quite the example of what our relationship with our home can be. Very magical/realized.

I would think a post on books that open the door to reconnection would help. I find - through our farm and farm stand - that is has become a lost way in our western world...and more than a little scary for folks. So starting with books may make it easier.

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Thank you! Am looking forward after harvest here to getting thoroughly immersed in Steemit. Your suggestions a help. Cool.

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Thank you for your courage to write this beautiful intro... I understand you clearly and I've made some changes in consciousness too.
I will look forward to reading more of your posts.
Thank you again Lightworker
Cheers from Bermuda


Ahhh, time to sharpen the pencil and edit film . Thank you.

More posts to come.
Cheers from the autumn north.


yo i wanna visit the atlatnian pyramid with the portal thing near u. i know there civilzation was real there remaints all over the fucking place i dont need some dumbass leaders 2 tell me that shit

focus on the reality u want 2 create not some negative bullshit unless u enjoy that cause then ull just live in lower vibrational poop til u realise oh fuck i forgot im god creating my entire reality damm hoe!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Adrienne here...a year later.

So much has changed for many of us this year. I realized my intro makes it sound like my husband and myself - due to our work with the channeled consciousnesses - are done. All we have to do now is share what we know.

Come to find out this year that the great work is ahead of us...and us all.

Healing the battle of the sexes. Ending divisiveness at its roots so we can remember who we are to each other and discover the power of our shared journey as Earthly Humanity.

Josh and I are all in, so are the consciousnesses we channel. TV, workshops, blogs, intensives...all in the not too distant future.

Join us and we'll work together making a map through this landscape of healing and forgiveness. You can stay tuned, sign up for our Newsletters, add your voice.

We're rolling our sleeves up for the great work to begin. 2018 and onward!