You certainly can do that! But that would mean you would have to do that 10x a day. Having a service that do that you alleviate you from a non-value added activity and you can concentrate on creating and curating quality content.

Though I agree with your point, let's see how they deal with the quality stuff. I too believe that you can write one quality article to get x10 upvote (similar to self-voting 10 times a day). But since there is a word "quality", I'm interested to see what is considered the quality content since there's a lot of differences in opinions here on Steemit about that.

Good luck @smartvote.

I agree. Quality is subjective. Some people think that Steemit is a blogging site and quality is defined as # of words or the spirit of the content. I tend to think of steemit as a social media site which means whatever trigger a reaction or a response is considered content.

@princewahaj Quality is hard to define. As @nuoctuong said, it is subjective.
We currently upvote manually although our admin dashboard does assist us by triaging content a little bit. But it's the work of a single person at the moment so quality can hardly be defined by the opinion of one person. It's more about filtering shit posts to get upvoted and if one goes through our filtering process and we discover it afterwards, we will suspend the membership.

If you have suggestions, we are willing to hear :-)

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I agree with @nuoctuong and you on the part that quality is subjective.

It would be best to restrict users who make a lot of grammatical mistakes. If something is on the front page, it should be well-written and should have little to no grammatical mistakes. A few mistakes can be overlooked but not many.

But it would be best if you combine this one with other ways you'll implement to make sure we don't lose great content just because of grammatical mistakes.

Thanks for the suggestion, we'll add this in our list.

As @nuoctuong mentioned, the difference is quality over quantity. Firstly, it will be hard word for you to post 10 times a day and wait for the best time to upvote yourself. Secondly, I don't think anyone can write 10 quality posts per day. The average Steemian already find it hard to write quality content once a day, 7 days a week.

We want to give an incentive to authors to start writing less often but of better quality. As our members get better at writing content, they will grow and so will we.