How I quit my job, started a music festival, traveled the world, failed and bounced back (My Steemit introduction)

Hey my name is Vernon. My friends call me V. This is my official Steemit introduction.

It's a story of adventure, love, spirituality, failure and bouncing back.

If you've ever...

  • Feel in love and out of love
  • Travelled or wanted to travel
  • Quit your job to follow your dream or thought about quitting your job
  • Failed and got back up
  • Felt stuck or confused as to if you're on the right patch

...this one's for you, my friend.

I grew up in small town suburbia U.S.A. In the absence of parental supervision, my friends and I would do all the really dumb shit that kids do during adolescence.

Ever seen Varsity Blues? That movie is based on my hometown. OK, not really but it’s pretty damn close. Football was life.



After graduation I immediately got the hell out of suburbia and moved across the state. I had my own pad and nobody telling me what to do. Funny enough, with nothing to rebel against, my life became fairly normal. Class. Work. Study. Repeat.

I took up DJing in the absence of sports and happily become a nerd. I started scratching records (vinyl) and eventually DJing parties. I discovered a new love and appreciation for music.

I moved to a bigger college town - Florida State University - to pursue DJing and to study business. All kinds of shenanigans were had until I was told I needed to graduate.

Damn it!


The Awakening

So I bought myself a round trip ticket to Costa Rica before graduation.

I solo backpacked through the pacific Guanacaste region and came to the realization I knew absolutely nothing about the world around me. WTF did they teach me in 20+ years of schooling?


I immediately decided I’d get a job, make a boatload of cash, and quit to travel the world.

Hello Recession!

I couldn’t have graduated at a more crapper time. No jobs were to be found. I discovered the fallacy of The American Dream and was back living in my mom’s home in small town suburbia.

5 months or so later I went to work at the place I interned for while in college. For the first time in my life I was making real money but I was miserable. The daily commute and coffee binges started to take a toll on my psyche.

I felt like Truman Burbank in the Truman Show and Phil in Groundhog’s Day.

serveimage (3).png

Another Wake Up Call

A high school friend died in his sleep. I was shaken to my core. He was only 25. It forced me to ask myself, “Is this what I want to be doing?”

If I woke up tomorrow and celebrated my 40th birthday and I had the house with the white picket fence, 2.5 kids, dog and milf… would I be content knowing I set my dream aside?

Nope. Time to quit.

Boogie Nights

I ditched the corner office for a dance floor and started hosting a weekly music festival with some friends. We were bringing in 1,000 people every Thursday.

It was college 2.0. If Van Wilder procreated with Animal House our party would have been their baby infused with budstep.

1500886_857857262106_1493553164_o (1).jpg

Not surprisingly I wasn’t able to maintain self control in that type of environment. Nothing was off limits. Booze, women, you name it.

I needed to get out fast. I was going to hurt myself or someone else. My dear friend Terrick convinced me to buy a plane ticket to Nicaragua. It gave me some much needed space to clear my head.


When my friend Josh and I were cursing through the mountains of Matagalpa (Northern Nicaragua), I decided my new focus would be learning how to make money doing something online so I could travel more. No more club and party BS.

Living Aboard

I got myself in a better position and started learning how to hustle stuff online. I learned about podcasting and digital marketing. I “learned while I earned” and lived abroad in Antigua, Guatemala for one month.

Here’s a shot of the view from my $300 month apartment. This was life.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 11.48.32 AM.png

Ibiza Dreamin'

At this point I had started to find a balance in my life again and was approaching 30. I reconnected with self, got serious about my meditation practice and a friend introduced me to yoga.

While living in Guatemala, I met this beautiful chica from Spain. I feel head over heals in love. We celebrated my 30th in Miami at Ultra Music Festival.

She told me to come visit her for a little in Ibiza. I always dreamed of DJing there one day and business was good so I couldn’t resist.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 11.44.55 AM.png

South of the border

I could tell the relationship was rocky but I persisted anyway. We decided to meet again in Peru and trek to Machu Picchu. The trip turned out to be a disaster. We were at each other's throats the whole time.

We split before the trip ended. I was pissed at myself for how I reacted and ended up drinking for the rest of the trip.

Quick side note: Machu Picchu is the shit. You should definitely go at least once before you die (photo doesn't do it justice).


The Dip

Business started to dry up. I moved back to my mom’s house in suburbia and my confidence took a nose dive off a cliff.

I got back into daily meditation and yoga, started working on my book, and doing my gratitude journal. I was making progress spiritually but my bank account with still negative.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 18.03.11.png

I finally broke down and got a job at Costco handing out samples until I landed a part-time consulting gig doing email marketing. I took the opportunity and ran with it…

South of the border (again)

In late August of 2016 I bought a one-way ticket to Medellin, Colombia. Within 14 days I cancelled my insurance, cell phone, turned in my license and said my goodbyes.


I spent the next 7 months experiencing some of the most incredible adventures imaginable. I felt free again. I was living my dream on-demand in real time. There was this one crazy night when the craziest thing happened. It all started when...

More on that later.


Present Day

When I was all said and done I ended up running out of money in Mexico. I decided it was time to head back Stateside to get my house in order, focus back on my business, and plan the next chapter.

I will share the key takeaways I learned here from being on the road, my journey into conscious living, and how you can get started podcasting here with you all on Steemit.

Follow me if you want to learn more about:

  • How traveling can shift your perspective
  • Mindfulness and cultivating self awareness
  • How to get started with podcasting

P.S. Special shout out to my childhood friend Paul He convinced me get on here. He’s an extremely talented artist and woke human so follow him too

P.P.S Share in the comments if you can relate or have fallen off the wagon on the way to building your dreams.

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Hey V,
Welcome to Steemit man. I have almost 1200 followers on here but I'm following you and Resteeming it. It is that interesting and was awesome to read!

I can relate a lot to the fact that you feel like you keep having to hit the reset button. I will be looking forward to seeing more posts about your experiences!

Well, that is one heck of a story. Welcome to Steemit. May you find your groove that will last the rest of your life.


Thanks Dean.

Hey what's up buddy, great intro awesome story and looking forward to hearing more. Right now I'm kind of at a point in my life where I'm re-evaluating what WTF I'm doing.

I got a couple online hustles going a few years back and have an ecommerce biz that allowed me to leave my job about two years back. Outside of my ecommerce thing I'm a Youber, Writer, Tee Shirt Designer, all types of little online hustles.

While my ecommerce business is the main thing that pays my bills I'm growing the other things to a point where they are approaching being self sustaining and am looking to have some adventures like you've had.

I was just at my grandparents house with my cousins celebrating my grandpas bday today and one of my cousins husbands who's from guadalajara was telling me about how he and my cousin recently went down to visit his cousins little eco resort slash kiteboarding school down in mexico. I guess one day they just bought some raw land, setup some tents and started offering classes. I really wanna do something outside the box and different and your post really inspired me at a time I'm doinig a lot of thinking about that so really dug it man. Get some more content out there would love to hear more about your adventures and hopefully get some ideas


Wow! That's incredible man. Sounds like you've got the biz side mastered. I'd say go for it. GDL would be a nice jumping off point. More to come.

Hey Vernon! Great story! I hope to travel to these places some day! Thanks! Following

Looking forward to more content! Great intro post, one of the best I've seen so far.

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welcome V.! nice post and reading, totally agree on travels and 'bouncing up' from any fall :-) upvoted you!
I am a 'new' steemian and I already like this interesting, free community. ...even if I still haven't understood how to put a photo in the small icon near my nickname!!! :-( best luck!

Wow! What a powerful introduction and an amazing story... It sounds like you've had enough experiences already to fill a few "normal" lifetimes. You've undoubtedly learned some powerful lessons and I hope you'll share them with us here. I'll follow you for sure and look forward to more stories. I'm new here too and I'm really loving it. Cheers and best


Haha I appreciate the thoughtful comment Joshua. I guess I forget how much I've done sometimes. It helps to put it into words. Look forward to following you along the journey.

Welcome to Steemit! I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community :) Nice post :> I left an upvote for you and will follow your account, please follow me at @ciombat if you are interested in crypto, technology and some funny stuff! :D ( and of course, you like cute doge woof woof )

I've itch hike through Canada when I was 17. I can relate to what you're living. I'm 40, clearing me debts and then it will we another trip. I want to work in something that is macroeconomic related in another country. I wish you luck and take care!

Nikky xx

thanks for your sharing :)


Really one of the best posts i've seen on Steem It so far. Cheers brother ! I have upvoted and followed you and i'm looking forward to future posts as well.

A very warm welcome to you; you have made the right choice by joining steemit. This community has a wide range of interaction platforms (tags) to give you an area to express your feelings and opinions. The community also has a team of devoted and reputable steemit gurus awaiting you to engage with. I look forward to interact with you in this community! @myhealth

Amazing story! I bet you have a wealth of knowledge about travel and the countries you've been to. Wish you well!

Welcome to Steemit, @vernonandfriends!

Hope you enjoy being here!

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" There was this one crazy night when the craziest thing happened. It all started when..."

Talk about a fucking cliff hanger, eh?

Hey...glad to connect with you. My name is Shariff, writer by passion, entrepreneur by profession and human alarm clock, yes I awaken people sleeping in life and hug them. You can follow me @shariff


Nice! Human alarm clock... I dig it.

Welcome V, Keep riding the waves of life and looking forward to seeing what you're up to next. Onward and upward!

Dude, at least you had the guts to chase your dream. Keep pushing. It will happen. Not many people will pack up and do what you did because their fear will hold them back.

Nice intro man. Great story. Welcome aboard.

@vernonandfriends Welcome to Steemit! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I have followed you. Please follow me back @molsen88! Take care!

Welcome to steemit! I am new here myself and love the platform of steemit so far. I am going to Follow you to keep up with your progress!
Good Luck fellow Steemian,


Welcome here!
Glad to meet you..
Mutual Follow and upvote i hope..
Let me introduce myself to you also:
I hope you will find me as interesting person.
Maybe we share some similar views.
Resteem my post please, upvote, ask questions and Enjoy here ..
Thank you

Love to see people happy. Nice you did it your way and be succesful. Just follow your thoughts !

@vernonandfriends nice intro. there is nothing like traveling and letting it flow. what a shame about the girl from Ibiza...nonetheless get some time to come over and visit Spain. You will love it! keep rocking keep having fun keep traveling before the show is over!


You speak truth. It's cool, we're still friends. Barcelona and Canary Islands look like a good time.

Welcome to Steemit! Hope you find this to be a great place to share your ideas and thoughts. Keep Steeming on!

You are warmly welcome to the best social media network on the planet. It is my desire that you find this place very interactive and interesting.I will always upvote,follow and resteem your post so please do same for me.You can contact me @sadiq .You are once again welcome my dear.

Welcome to Steemit! Incredible pictures and travel stories. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Welcome to the community. your introduction was very nice. Followed. Follow me back 😘

wow, such a crazy journey, nice to have you here

Welcome and Thank You for being with us!! Following your Blog now

Great read man.

You have my upvote, and follow.

My journey towards my dreams has only begun. I'm sure I can learn a few things from you.