One Of The Most Famous Amazing Flower In The World ~34~

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By listening to the name, it is understood that the night flower perfume
juice resinagunda. The nomenclature is selfishness that really blossoms
into the night, and the majestic allure makes the surroundings enchanting.
English name Tube rose, family Amaryllidaceae, botanical name Polianthes
tuberose. Due to the popularity and familiarity, the resinous flower is known
throughout the earth and the commercial cultivation of flowers in our country
is increasing day by day. Candle many yearlong flower grapes. Propagation can
be done through bulbs and seeds

But in our country the cultivation of flowers is being done through the thorns
and the reproduction is being done. Mammals continue to grow on the tree
through the ear. Onions look like bulbs or bulbs. Rosinum flower is basically
the flower of the rainy season but it is a year round. Rosemary flowers are
also widely used in flowering bouquets with any other flower. Apart from this,
the use of this flower is more like the preparation of garland, crowning and
furnishing from different types of rituals. Floral varieties of flowers are
prepared. Based on flower size and petal, there are three types of tuberculosis,
single, semi-double and double.

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