How To Take the Most Beautiful Nature Photos Ever ~26~

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Beautiful Photography: 01


You have nothing left to do
Do not listen to this
Emotional mindset to get a couple of belly moves this mind
What is this?
Bale's necklace melted to the thread to bring me to the melts
How much love Bahadore-Aha bhandabo thee.
Do not know this
White belly swollen swollen mouthpieces screwed in scent
You are drunk in your love-drowsiness in the thirst of the mind.

Beautiful Photography: 02 IMG_0064.JPG

Some of our pictures are in our villages, streets. Green forever color Green
plants seem to be feeling good in other forests when they walk.
I think it's the case for everyone.
Many pictures are taken when you go to the village,
because there are many materials, there is a picture taken.
And there's no shame even the click-through arbitrarily click on the click.
I have trouble getting pictures of the city. Can not take with the camera.
Also a lot of shame. So many beautiful scenes are not clicked.
Hopefully the pictures will look good.

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