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Hello, Steemit comunity,

It took a while for me to understand the purpose of cryptocurrencies and Steemit, so i was sniffing around, trying, watching and listening how does these things work
(big thanks to @onealfa for all that kind of information).

I live in great green country LITHUANIA in northern Europe.
Since a childhood I always liked art, I was drawing a lot, it was my way to express myself. And that lasted till now because I like to visualize things and then realize them :)

My drawings, my imagination:

I actually found art everywhere, not only in Drawing but also in Programming, Electronics, Aeromodeling, Architecture, Sports etc.

Being 11 years old I started electronics club, where I have learned all the components, how do they work together and how to solder them to make a projects i found awesome that days. One of my first projects were sound sensitive lights, amplifier,
door lock and alarm system, and some funny things like automatic flower watering alarms, mini electroshock guns (from which my electronics club teacher almost lost his job because school director thought that he teached me to make those guns)

My first DS regulator schematics:


Realization, and it still works:

Sometimes colleagues asks me to fix something right at my office table, in this case a drone:)

At the same age I was also very curious about first computers which our school got (IBM 286), so it was my first steps into programming. As now i remember me waiting after lessons behind our computer class doors hoping that a teacher will open them and let me in if there will be a free computer to use. If not the teacher gave me homework to do and I wrote algorithms on a paper and next time when a computer was free to use I tested it. The experience was great, i don't imagine doing that now :)
I still remember my first "hello world" and a first pixels printed by my algorithm on a computer screen. I was happy as no one else at that time, because I could express my self more than before not only on a drawing paper!
I have started from PASCAL language, then DELPHI, then a little bit ASSEMBLER (to do some cracking and hacking it was very popular and quite easy at that time), and then I jumped in to web technologies HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, Flash... and whole other technologies in which came later...

Some of my first read books about computers, programming and hacking:

School activities:

Years passed by and I have finished my school, I had to choose where I want to study, so as I remember my 50% of application to university studies where as a graphic, interior/exterior designer, and other 50% where as IT technologies, programming or electronics.
Only by a mistake i have graduated into IT technologies, because I have missed out a test of art university so it was skipped, which I'm happy now because I can realize my visualization and programming skills together, I even write code to be beautiful to read.

I have started to work immediately after I finished my school, because i needed money, basically to pay for my university studies (my marks at school where poor because I had my own strong opinion and teachers didn't like me much, i learned only what I was interested in, but not what teachers wanted me to learn).

My first job was at a local computer store, which had an internet cafe and also was the first in town to offer an internet connection for a clients, we supplied about 14kb/s at that time. It also offered accounting and other custom software written in Delphi object programming language.

And my first task there was to make a software for an internet cafe, administrator needed an ability to control internet cafe computers from main computer which was connected to a cash-register machine, and do a full accounting, it was like a writing a virus because clients have always wanted to take over a full computer control, to avoid payment. And also administrator could not cheat by adding money into his pocket avoiding a cash-register machine.
After that i started to write my first fully automated online shop also with a Delphi i didn't now about PHP or JAVA at that time. And I did whole other things like helping my colleagues to fix computers, install and configure routers and antennas to supply internet for our town customers...

Helping my colleagues to fix computers

Mounting antennas to supply internet connection for my home town

After two years I have been spotted by one of now the biggest local market classified portal they invited me to join them, where I spent over 10 years helping them to grow and expand there business not only in local but also in other countries, we joined a world wide classifieds company and became global. Most of the time I have been a developer, system architect, system administrator, team leader and evangelist.

We have worked together played together and traveled to a various conferences:
Work and have fun:

PHP UK conference:

Right now I'm very excited about the future we are going to have, I read a lot about artificial intelligence, about future energy and also I do not forget to dig into our history, because there are many unanswered questions where we have came from, who are our ancestors and etc...

Programmable AI robot:

Tesla test drive:

But don't get me wrong I'm not a typical nerd or something, I enjoy my life, with many activities and hobbies around:






Mud is not a problem too:

Personal training in the office:



Training for a climb:




Riding a grandfathers horse too!:

and the list goes on and on :)

Of course I have some home activities too:

Building a ceiling for a house:

Drilling titles:

Mounting bathroom sink:


Fixing a car from a rust:

And the most important thing is that I share every single moment with my beautiful wife @iveta:

And that's not all about me, It's just a short introduction what I do and what I enjoy in my life,
so if you want to know more about me please: FOLLOW, Comment and Vote!

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