Hi Steem! I'm a polish bitcoin vloger.

in introduce •  3 years ago 

My mission is to introduce Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to Poland. I talk about Bitcoin, blockchain, Ethereum and some other projects. I love how this new economy is growing everyday - this is so exciting! I would love to have more time to make videos to explain crypto to polish people.

I also have some english content and it will be my privilage to share my future work with You guys.


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Hi. Would You be willing to give me an interview for my yt channel about the steemit? Or maybe You can get me in touch with someone who would like to talk?

I upvoted you.

hello, nice to see you here on steemit! :) hope you will add more content here. I like how you talk about bitcoin and crypto because it's much easier to understand all this with you, thank you, you do realy good job!