A little kid with big dreams...

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It all begins with a little kid that had big dreams. Dreams of one day traveling the world and playing music for crowds as far as the eye can see. So with the help of a few close friends, he embarks on a mission. Writing, recording and playing shows. For a handful of years, he got a little bit closer to that dream til one night on his journey he meets a girl. The most beautiful girl he has ever seen. He falls in love and weds this girl. Nine months later comes a beautiful baby girl. Now those two girls are his world.

    Hey there my fellow steemians! Nick here. Just introducing myself to the community. Its been about 5 years since I've been on any social media. Please be gentle, haha. The short story you read is just a small piece of my life. I am looking forward to sharing more of my journey with the steemit community.