My First Post on Steemit! Hello Fellow Steemit Friends! Allow me to introduce myself to you!

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I am a Filipino; more than my nationality there is something that I would like you to know. To get to know me is like looking at the dusty book out in a shelf. It is not even that so appealing to the eye. It must have gathered dust from the room because only very few dared to take notice of and open it.


Fellow steemit friends, allow me to dust that book and present to you what are the hidden treasures that were kept in it that you have to discover if you are one of those who would dare. Well, at the moment, I believe you have chosen to go further ‘coz you have reached this paragraph.

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To begin, I am from a family of 8 individuals with diverse temperaments and being the third child of the 6 offspring. The most serious and quietest in the family as everybody mostly comments. Well, I somehow agree. So, I would say that it is one of the reasons I am now pursuing being part of Toastmaster International.

In connection to this - making a simple but essential difference in the world I live in, I believe that I have been given the power of the spoken and written word to build and make life from hopelessness. I actually had a blog in which motivated me to write more. Additionally, I wanted my story to be heard, so I joined a speaking club. However, I desist to continue. It’s because of my self-destructive thoughts. – It’s taking me a lot of my time, I am not that good enough, and who would even care?


But now, as the seasons change, so do I. Change for the better I would say. I resolved to keep my focus on the goal and vision I am called to do. It’s my passion. I am still a work in progress, but I believe that the journey is worth it. I aim to speak with confidence, clarity, and authority at the right time and place.


In addition to this desire, there was a dream that was birthed in me – a dream to be an educator one day. A dream that is so deep in my heart. So, here I am an educator in heart and in the profession. This heart beats to see life in every young person - believing that each one has his or her own potential that can be tapped. If only someone will recognize it and make it known is what my very reason – my clear why as a teacher.



Achieving the stated heartbeats - making my teaching and speaking meatier for my students and speaking opportunities, I believe that traveling to different places in the Philippines and overseas are the ways to bring about the authentic message of learning and reflections hand in hand with my readings and time invested to listen from others. I have traveled to a few places in my own country (Laguna, Benguet, Manila, Pangasinan, Dagupan, and Zambales) and overseas (Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand). I am still counting. For sure, I am heading to Taiwan, Myanmar, Korea, Japan and one day to the US and Africa. I am always humbled to learn from everyone’s diversity and culture. I always like to step in each land: whenever and wherever my feet can take me.


This next highlight is the focal point of all these - the most important above all what was said is my faith in Jesus. I am a Christian who claims that life without knowing your purpose in Christ is not worth living. A very interesting story mine – the turning point of my life from all the mess that I had been through, I was rescued and completed by the God who created the entire universe. Not to mention, I believe that the Creator is the most reliable source of why I am on the Earth for such a time as this.


There is much more information to note, but that’s all for now – an overview of the book on the shelf – more than a Filipino. You will surely get to know me more as you read my next blog. Dare to dust the book and savor the colorful pages of it.


Welcome aboard. Shout @Yehey to be Blessed all the time.

Welcome to the Steem blockchain!

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Hello 😊 Nice to meet you 😊

Nice! Welcome to the Fam! Will surely wait for the next pages of you. Great introduction!

Thank you po.

Welcome ielaaugust30!
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Welcome to steemit sis😊..Your book will definitely be noticed , i am excited to read every pages of that book. Nice introduction ,you're a good writer .!!!

Welcome to steemit sis😊

Thanks po ate!

Welcome to steemit...

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Welcome to Steemit sister! I just love the way you write. This is a prime example of a well-written introduction on Steemit. I wish I could write as eloquently as you do. We need more writers like you on this platform.

Thank you po. ^^
We are all work in progress. ^^

Welcome @ielaaugust30! Your intro runs deep just like your travels. It's good to know that you find Jesus as the center of your well-being. I for one am waiting for your future adventures as you write the next chapter of your book. God bless!

Amen. Thanks a lot and God bless you more!^^

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Thank you so much for your interest!

Welcome to steemit @ielaaugust30.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

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