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Hello Everyone!

My name is Dean Fougere, I am the creator of the YouTube Channel "Titus Frost", author of the historical fiction novel "The Lost Truth", also control the twitter handle: https://twitter.com/ImperatorTruth. I mainly will be blogging about the topics I cover on my channel. I decided to join steemit in order to grow the channel and reach a larger audience as I heard it was not "censored".

Topics I cover include: The Illuminati, the New World Order, Geopolitics, Central Banking, Free Market Capitalism, American Politics, Activism, Anonymous, hacking, Occult Symbolism, FreeMasonry, the "Ether", Nikola Tesla Science, the Secret Space Program, the Military Space Programs, Anarcho-Capitalism, Police Brutality, Police Militarization, the Electric Universe theory, Directed Energy Weapons, 9/11 Truth, Sandy Hook Hoax, Dallas False Flag, the Brexit, Cointelpro, Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Group of Thirty, Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, Monarch Mind Control, MK Ultra, etc.

I am an open minded independent researcher and Anonymous supporter. I run the annual March Against Monsanto Boston, and take part in the Million Mask March Annually. I am for Anarcho-Capitalism, and using the Article 5 of the US Constitution to End the Federal Reserve. Thanks for checking out my intro and please find the link to my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDHrwVzgl-vZ14wWnN1LVjQ

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Welcome aboard - would u mind giving us a short verfication on one of other social media accounts for example .. this would build directly more trust and i'd bet u would also end with more votes :) Happy steeming ...

Hi Titus,

Just wanted to thank you for your Pizzagate videos. I created this Steemit account on your recommendation. I remember seeing the pregnant woman with a pizza baby in a magazine my parents showed me. My family showed me some of these symbols so I would know and avoid those people. It worked well. Obviously now they have gone from magazines to Instagram. I viewed the Hampstead Pedogate videos and was so shocked at the openness of the children, but not shocked that it was in Hampstead as I was told as a teenager that you always see women who are always pregnant (to supply kids for satanic purposes). Hope to find all your pizzagate links on Steemit.

Stay safe Titus and will continue to follow your Work.




Hey, thanks for joining the steemit community and for the nice comment. Have a nice day! Just gave you a follow.


Hi Titus,

I watched your video on this website and so I joined.

I watch your youtube channel, and lol, the whole Goodman thing is ridiculous, lol, they even got Hoax wars shut down, hopefully, he will be back.

Not sure how this whole thing works, but if you have any tips Id welcome them.

Also sorry to hear about your friend who passed away :(

So ok, well I hope you can give me some knowledge or tips on making a great channel!

Have a grt day!!


Hi Titus, watched your youtube video and I am giving this site a shot.

What are your thoughts on Hoax wars getting his channel shut down?


I remember watching your videos a lot on youtube back in December of last year. Interesting (though horrible) stuff regarding Pizzagate..

and using the Article 5 of the US Constitution to End the Federal Reserve.

I look forward to this discussion.


Anytime someone wants to debate it let me know.


I don't know exactly how much we would disagree on, but I'm down for a discussion hah,

welcome to steemit @titusfrost nice to meet you 8]


Thanks, nice to meet you as well!

Welcome to Steemit. I am looking forward to your posts so I'm going to Follow you and Sub to your YT channel because I can see that we probably agree on many things. @kbargold

Very interesting topics....I'm now a follower and your more than welcome here!

@titusfrost Welcome to Steemit from Newbie to Newbie 👋🏼😊


Hey @exoexo thanks, nice to be a n00b again lulz.

Welcome Titus can't wait for you content transfer over here! This is what we need some real supporters not some douche bags.


Thanks man! Me too, but first I gotta get to work lolz. I'll be posting all my content. This looks like a great new opportunity.

Yo thanks for informing and getting me on to steemit man been following your work on youtube great investigating and informing the public. Keep up the good work always look foward to your vids especially on the new seth rich developments i agree that he is the key to unravelling this whole pizzagate mess keep it up man it is of vital importance

Titus, I been following you on Youtube for a while and promote all the work you've done on Pizzagate. I connected with a indigenous women in Canada in a Pizzagate Exposed group that commented on the topic of naked hunting parties and here is what she said "Iv herd stories about this from my grandfather who was in a residental school as a child was forced into a clergy hockey league(sick pedo's)as a young boy and teen and then sent off to be the perfect little soldier by our American & Canadian Army because he is *first nations and of dual citizenship he was able to enlist in both....these stories made no sence to me and i put them out of my head as Drunk Ramblings...but never will i forget what he has told me. I just was not able to comprehend what he was telling me....sad to say these are true.
I even know where bones are burried i think bc he had a last request after he died to have his ashes put in a certain spot- he only told 2 of us about this tequest i tried getting him to put it in wrighting but he refused.made me promise. He said he was responsible for alot of lost spirits over there and it was his dutie to be there in death to protect them. He said their were women and small children burried there in desecration...i only wish i knee about this stuff early on while he was still alive. He was such a torchered soul. But growing up with that kind of government guidence as an aboriginal person. You either did what they asked like a perfect soldier or die.
He said everything he did was so he can see that his bloodline could survive, live.😞. But that he feared. most was he wouldn't be allowed in heaven for what he did and he figured the next best thing is for his ashes to be were those people were- he called it a mass grave. After he died we tried going to place his ashes in a spot we thought was abandoned only to be met with security looking people all dressed in black. Looked more like a personal military security team. They stopped us and asked us why we were there....i was kinda shocked and asked "can we go in there?" He said nope. It private land...i was always told it was Native Unsurrendered land. I told him i was just wanted to explore and left. I never got to bring his ashes to the spot. My curiosity was spiked by 1000x trigger and i knew, i could feel something bigger was going on here. That land is native land i wS told by everyone but why was i met by military looking people and stopped from going in. Iv no answers and my band might also be covering some brutal stuff up. They delivered our children to these places. Most never came home." "Im just relieved that after all these years i have a place to actually let some of this stuff out. Even my own family turns a blind eye and not ready to admit these things. My grandfather was trying to get it out bf he died. I see that now. People just are not ready to deal with this yet....it was years and tons of research that allowed me to finally start sharing some of his stories...i was one who listened to them all instead of running for cover anytime he talked about the schools or government or how even in the sports world and how they all hurt little children in initiations." Titus I connected with her and she's willing to be interviewed about what she knows and has been told about what happened on that land and where it is. email me at domzeedout@gmail.com

Hello Truther Community on Steemit, Dean I wanted to thank you for your research and inspiration. I was abused as a child and I know the paths with there twists and turns it takes to heal from sexual abuse. I became a healer and the Universe has allowed me to help others work through the layers of pain and vulnerability on many levels of being with the goal of understanding and growing and becoming strong! You are a hero for wanting to assist children you do not know and for supporting adults who care for all children everywhere. Thank you!

Hey Titus, I joined steemit on your recommendation. Just gave you an upvote here. Am a follower too. I have already started to add posts on different things like my own music etc. but also on 9/11 and other things in the future. keep up the fight against the pedos etc.

Titus ✔
Now off to find my other favorite people and hopefully so new people too!

I know this post is old but i just found you! thanks for the steemit help!!!!👌🏾👍🏾👏🏾


i found you on youtube and you tokd about really graceful on hear. thanks!!

ThemTube has declared war on freedom of speech. This is an old post but now is the time that being connected is more important than ever. We need Truth and we wont get it on Cnn. Help us help the world and the next generation who is going to be handed a giant mess

Late to the party but welcome aboard! I am just feeling my way around these new platforms and glad to see that there are alternatives to TyrannyTube.

Just discovered you and am glad you are abandoning Youtube and using alternate platforms for your videos. Bravo!