Who I am

I am by the name of Eric James Otto a student in one of the universities in Uganda. I am doing an undergraduate degree in civil and environmental engineering.

The course I have chosen is a very interesting one.recently we were doing workshop practice during which we we inspected so many areas as far as the many disciplines of civil and environmental engineering is concerned.

We inspected the electrical distribution systems both overhead and underground and also did some basic electrical installation. In the water section we were able to inspect the waste water treatment plant and the water treatment plant. We inspected the lip pumps, the sedimentation tanks, the filtration channel and also the distribution systems. we also did drawing of simple house plans, site clearing and site layout in the discipline of construction.

We went ahead and did practical brick laying and this was very interesting. A side from class I am a football trader and I will be sharing with you some of my tips.IMG_20180620_122101.jpgIMG_20180613_113838.jpgIMG_20180614_120357.jpgIMG_20180524_141004.jpgScreenshot_20180828-203118.png

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